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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
morning n (sunrise until noon) até o meio diamanhã sf
 The morning is the most peaceful time of day.
 A manhã é a hora mais calma do dia.
morning n (12 AM to 12 PM) 24:00 até 12:00manhã sf
 He worked all night until the early hours of the morning.
 Ele trabalhou a noite inteira até as primeiras horas da manhã.
morning n (work hours till noon) horas de trabalho até o meio diamanhã sf
 I read my email in the morning.
 Eu leio meu e-mail pela manhã.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
morning adj (of the morning)matutino adj
 da manhã loc adj
 I like to take my morning coffee in bed.
morning adj (occurring in the morning)matutino adj
 da manhã loc adj
 The morning flight is full.
morning n figurative (beginning) fig, começoamanhecer sm
 Frank is in the morning of his career.
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Formas compostas
early morning n (time of day just after dawn) da manhãprimeiras horas loc sf
 Early morning is the best time to watch birds, because they've just landed after migrating all night.
every morning adv (early each day) cedo no diatoda manhã loc adv
 It is important to eat a good breakfast every morning.
 I have cereal and muesli for breakfast every morning except when I am on holiday.
good morning interj (hello)bom-dia sm
 Good morning, Jennifer. How are you doing today?
 Bom dia, Jennifer. Como você está hoje?
good morning interj (hello: before noon) cumprimento pela manhãbom dia interj
 Good morning! You're up bright and early today!
good morning interj (exclamation of surprise) exclamação de surpresa uau! interj
morning glory n (convolvulus: flowering plant) planta florescenteipomeia, glória-da-manhã sf
 campainha-azul, salsa-da-praia sf
 The morning glory covers the pergola with beautiful blue flowers all summer.
morning prayers npl (early-morning act of religious worship)oração da manhã loc sf
 At school we had to attend morning prayers whether or not we were believers.
morning sickness enjôo matinal
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