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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
oil n (petroleum)petróleo sm
 Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil.
 A Arábia Saudita tem muito petróleo.
oil n (lubricant) lubrificanteóleo sm
 He sprayed some oil on the door hinge to stop it from squeaking.
 Ele pulverizou óleo na dobradiça da porta para fazê-la parar de ranger.
oil n (lubricant: car, etc.) lubrificante: carro, etc.óleo sm
 We need to change the car's oil.
 Precisamos trocar o óleo do carro.
oil n (for cooking, food) para cozinharazeite, óleo sm
 He put a small amount of oil in the pan.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
oil adj (of oil)de óleo loc adj
 The oil can was empty.
oil adj (of petroleum) de petróleode óleo loc adj
 Oil distillates are used as fuels.
oil n (a greasy substance)óleo sm
 Hair oil stains collars.
oil n (oil based paint)tinta a óleo loc sf
 The famous artist mainly paints mostly with oils.
oil n (Holy Oil) óleo sagradoóleo sm
 The priest anointed the dying man with oil.
oil vtr (lubricate)lubrificar, azeitar vt
 He oiled the door because it was squeaking.
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Formas compostas
canola oil n US (rapeseed oil)óleo de canola loc sm
 Canola oil is often used for frying food.
castor oil n (oil of castor bean)óleo de rícino
 óleo de mamona
 Grandmother was convinced that a dose of nasty-tasting castor oil would cure any stomach ailment.
citronella oil n (essence of lemongrass)óleo de citronela loc sm
citronella oil n (oil used as natural insect repellent)óleo de citronela loc sm
coconut oil n (oil extracted from coconuts)óleo de coco loc sm
 Concern about saturated fats has caused a decline in the use of coconut oil in cooking.
cooking oil n (vegetable oil used in cooking)óleo de cozinha loc sm
 Some say that olive is the healthiest cooking oil, while others prefer canola.
corn oil n (cooking oil made from corn)óleo de milho loc sm
 Corn oil, or maize oil, is mainly used for cooking.
crude oil óleo cru
diesel oil óleo diesel
flaxseed oil n (linseed: oil used in artists' paints) óleo usado por pintores na tintaóleo de linhaça loc sm
 When used to treat wood or in paint, flaxseed oil is more commonly called linseed oil.
flaxseed oil n (food?) comida, saúde óleo de linhaça loc sm
 Drizzle a little flaxseed oil on your muesli for good health. .
hair oil n (men's hairstyling product) cosmético para tornar lustroso o cabelo brilhantina sf
 Jared spiked his hair with hair oil.
lamp oil n (kerosene)querosene sm
 The lights were made from old glass bottles with wicks dipped in lamp oil.
lavender oil n (oil extracted from lavender flowers)óleo de lavanda loc sm
 For a good night's sleep, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.
motor oil n (oil for engine lubrication) óleo lubrificanteóleo de motor loc sm
oil and vinegar npl (vinaigrette, salad dressing) molho para saladas azeite e vinagre loc sm
 vinagrete sm
 Oil and vinegar is a salad dressing mix often recommended for people on diets.
oil field n (area where oil wells are drilled)campo petrolífero loc sm
 We plan to drill five exploration wells in this oil field.
oil heating aquecimento a óleo
oil lamp n (lamp that burns fuel)lâmpada a óleo loc sf
 Oil lamps are useful to have when the electricity goes out.
oil paint n (fine art: pigment with an oil binder) artes:tinta a óleo loc sf
 Many artists prefer to use oil paints, while others prefer watercolor or acrylic paints.
oil painting n (picture painted using oil paints) quadro pintado com tinta a óleoquadro a óleo loc sm
 The focal point of the room was a huge oil painting hung above the fireplace.
oil paints npl (fine art: pigments with an oil binder)tintas a óleo loc sf pl
 She uses exclusively oil paints in her paintings.
oil refinery n (plant where crude oil is processed)refinaria de petróleo loc sf
 A typical oil refinery is capable of processing 200,000 barrels of crude oil per day.
oil rig equipamento de perfuração de petróleo
oil tanker n (ship used for transporting oil) navio destinado a transporte de petróleonavio petroleiro loc sm
 The largest oil tankers can carry 500,000 tons of oil.
oil well n (petroleum mine)poço de petróleo, poço petrolífero loc sm
 Their oil well turned out to be a gusher, producing over 1,200 barrels a day.
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