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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
one n (first cardinal number) primeiro número cardinalum num
 She can already count from one to ten.
 Ela já consegue contar de um até dez.
one n (symbol for the number 1) símbolo do número 1um sm
 Look for a sign with a big "one" on it.
 Procure por uma placa com um "Um" bem grande nela.
one adj (one entity, unit) uma entidade, unidadeum num
 I only need one onion for this recipe.
 Eu preciso de apenas uma cebola para esta receita.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
one adj (unique)único adj
 She's the one person who can operate this system.
one adj (unified)um todo loc adj
 Soldiers need to advance as one.
one adj (a certain) um certoum num
 US: One minute I was walking down the street, the next I was in the hospital.
one adj (indefinite future day, time)um art indef
 One day I'll be rich.
one adj (indefinite sthg, [sb])um art indef
 One car looks pretty much like another to me.
one adj (the same)um adj
 There should be one law for everyone in the land.
one n (single unit)um num
 The odds are ten to one against him.
one n (die, domino with one pip)um num
 I rolled a one and a two and lost the game.
one n (money) dinheiroum num
 I have a ten and three ones.
one pron (single group member)um art indef
 One of us will have to walk.
one pron (a person)alguém pron
 One doesn't like to criticize, but it's rather unattractive.
 * One should not criticize others.
one pron (a thing)um num
 One of the books costs twice as much as the other.
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Formas compostas
all for one interj (expressing solidarity) solidariedadetodos por um interj
all one adj (united) unidostodos pron
all-in-one adj (combined, comprehensive) tudo juntotrês-em-um adj
 My printer is an all-in-one; it prints, scans, and photocopies.
all-in-one n UK (bodysuit, catsuit)macacão catsuit, macacão de couro loc sm
another one n (one more)mais um loc sm
 You can never have too many credit cards so I applied for another one.
another one n (a different one) um diferenteoutro pron
 I lost my teddy bear so my parents bought me another one.
as one adv (together, in unison) juntocomo um loc adv
 The bride and groom stepped out of the church as one.
as one adv (in agreement) em acordocomo um loc adv
at one adv (at one o'clock) horaa uma loc adv
 We went for lunch at one.
at one point adv (at a given moment)num certo momento loc adv
 At one point, I thought we might even get married.
at one time tudo de uma vez
 de vez em quando
at one with adj (in agreement with, at peace with) de acordo com como um loc adj
 After I meditate, I feel at one with the world.
at one's own pace adv (at a speed one is comfortable with)no seu ritmo loc adv
 From the tortoise and the hare we learn that one can proceed at one's own pace and still be a winner.
at the top of one's class adv (among the very best)entre os primeiros da turma loc adv
 He graduated at the top of his class and was accepted to a very good university.
breathe one’s last breath v (die)dar o último suspiro
 After she received extreme unction, she breathed her last breath.
can't be in all places at one time v informal (have too many obligations to fulfil) inf, ter obrigações demaisestar atolado de trabalho
chosen one n ([sb] selected for a special purpose) alguém selecionado para fim específicoeleito sm
 escolhido sm
 Only the chosen one can save the world.
close one's ears to [sth] v (refuse to listen to [sth]) recusar-se a escutar alguémtapar os ouvidos loc v
Come one, come all interj (exhorting all to attend or join in) exortação para que se juntemvenham todos interj
 The loudspeakers shouted out "Come one, come all, to see the circus."
complement one another v (go together, be well matched)complementar-se, completar-se vp
 completar um ao outro loc v int
 Liz and Brian are very different, but as a couple, they complement one another.
cry one's heart out v figurative (weep bitterly)chorar copiosamente loc vt
 I cried my heart out when my best friend moved away.
curse one's luck v informal, figurative (feel one has been unlucky)reclamar da própria sorte loc vt
dear one n ([sb] loved)pessoa querida loc sf
 Moving to find work would have meant leaving her dear ones.
do one's best fazer o seu melhor
do one's best to do [sth] fazer o melhor possível
do one's duty fazer sua obrigação
draw one's gun sacar a arma
draw one's pay cobrar
draw one's sword desembainhar a espada
each and every one cada um
 todo mundo
each one cada um
fifty-one cinqüenta e um
fight for one's country v (soldier: go to war) soldado: ir para guerralutar pela pátria loc vt
flat on one's back adj (lying supine) na posição supinadeitado de costas loc adj
 After that 10 mile hike, he was so tired he was flat on his back for an hour.
follow one another v (come one after the other)seguir um ao outro loc vt
for one thing adv informal (the first reason is) primeiropara começar loc adv
 para começo de conversa loc adv
 No, you can't go out! For one thing you can't afford it.
forty-one n (cardinal number: 41)quarenta e um num
forty-one adj (41 of [sth])quadragésimo primeiro num
 He claimed he could stand on his head for forty-one hours.
forty-one adj (41 years old) idadequarenta e um num
 He couldn't believe he would be forty-one on his next birthday.
get to know one another conhecer um ao outro
go one step further ir um passo adiante
great one for n informal ([sb] who tends to do [sth] frequently) que tende a fazer algo frequentementepessoa ótima para loc sf
 He's a great one for telling stories.
hang one's head baixar a cabeça
have a good head on one's shoulders ter a cabeça sobre os ombros
have one's eye on estar de olho em
have one's head in the clouds estar com a cabeça nas nuvens
help one another vi (assist each other)ajudar-se, apoiar-se, auxiliar-se vp
 The students formed study groups, to help one another prepare for the exams.
hole in one golfenuma tacada
in one way or another de um jeito ou outro
in one's face na cara de
kick up one's heels divertir-se
kill two birds with one stone matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só
leave one's mark deixar uma marca
little one n (small child) criança pequenapequenino sm
 Eight o'clock is bedtime for the little one.
lose one's way perder o rumo
loved one n (close family member or friend) parente ou amigobem-amado sm
 The loss of a loved one is hard to bear.
make one's mouth water dar água na boca
more than one n (a number greater than one)mais do que um loc sm
 He says he has only had one beer, but the way he is behaving, it looks like he's had more than one.
more than one adj (two or more) dois ou maismais do que um loc adj
 We will need more than one table as there are 12 people coming to dinner.
my little one meu pequeno
no one pron (nobody, not a single person) nem uma pessoaninguém pron
 I thought I heard someone, but there was no one there.
not mince one's words falar sem rodeios
number one, number-one n (numeral, cardinal number: 1) número cardinal número um loc sm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Please look at paper number one in your packet.
number one, number-one n (biggest-selling song in pop music chart) música mais vendidanúmero um loc sm
 It made number one on the charts in the first week.
number one, number-one n (favourite person) pessoa prediletanúmero um loc sm
 Ron is my number one person.
number one, number-one adj (leading or most successful) dominante, proeminentenúmero um loc adj
 For a long time, Ford was the number one automaker in America.
number one, number-one n slang, dated (oneself) a própria pessoanúmero um loc sm
 She always looks out for number one.
on one side adv (unilaterally) de forma unilateralpor um lado loc adv
 We are all on one side.
on one side adv (on one surface only) numa superfície somentede um lado loc adv
 An image of George Washington can be found on one side of a US dollar bill.
one after the other um atrás do outro
one another pron (each other) mutuamenteum ao outro loc pron
 The lovers liked nothing better than to be with one another.
one by one adv (one at a time, singly)um a um loc adv
 The clerk searched through the records one by one until she found the one she wanted.
 One by one the nations of Europe fell before Napoleon's advance.
one day adv (someday: an unspecified day in the future) no futuroum dia loc adv
 One day I hope to travel to South America.
 I would like to have children one day.
one day adv (an unspecified day in the past) no passadoum dia loc adv
 There was one day last winter when it snowed heavily.
one hundred or so cento e poucos
one in a million um em um milhão
one in a thousand um em mil
one more time adv (once more)mais uma vez loc adv
 Please, repeat the question one more time.
one thing leads to another uma coisa leva à outra
one way ticket passagem de ida
one-armed bandit máquina caça-níqueis
one-time adj (one-off, occurring once only)exclusivo, único adj
 This is a one-time only offer, the price will go back up tomorrow.
one-time adj (former)prévio, anterior adj
 To look at her now you would never believe that she was a one-time supermodel.
one-to-one, one to one adj (between individuals) entre indivíduosum a um loc adj
 Can we have a one-to-one chat soon?
 I had a one-to-one meeting with my manager at work.
one-to-one, one to one n (private talk) conversa privadaum a um
one-to-one, one to one adj (single relationship) relacionamento monógamoum a um loc adj
 In database structure, a one to one relationship means an entity in one table maps only to a single entity in another table.
one-two punch golpe um-dois
one-way mirror n (mirror which functions as a window on one side) espelho que reflete a imagem de um lado e do outro é transparente como vidroespelho unidirecional loc sm
 There was a one-way mirror in the interview room so that the detectives could watch the questioning unobserved by the suspect.
 The police observed the suspect through a one-way mirror.
one-way ticket passagem de ida
one's pron (impersonal possessive pronoun) pron possessivode alguém pron
open one's heart abrir o coração
outstay one's welcome ficar mais que o devido
 abusar da hospitalidade
pack one's bags fazer as malas
pay one's respect to [sb] prestar respeito a alguém
put all your eggs in one basket apostar tudo em uma única carta
 pôr todos os ovos na mesma cesta
put one`s thinking cap on se pôr a pensar
raise one's eyebrows ficar chocado ou desconcertado
refresh one's memory refrescar a memória de alguém
rest on one's laurels de vitórias, de sucessos conquistadosrepousar sobre os louros
 viver da fama
ring a bell in one's mind lembrar-se, recordar
 vir à lembrança
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