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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
quick adj (fast)rápido adj
 que se dá em um instanteinstantâneo adj
 The salesperson had a quick answer for his questions.
 O vendedor tinha respostas rápidas para as perguntas dele.
 O vendedor tinha respostas instantâneas para as perguntas dele.
quick adj (of short duration) que dura poucorápido, breve adj
 I've only time for a quick visit.
 Só tenho tempo para uma visita rápida (or: breve).
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
quick adj (prompt)rápido adj
 He was always quick to turn in his papers.
quick adj (alert)rápido adj
 He was quick to realize that the baby was sick.
quick adj (person: smart)vivaz, sagaz adj
 Viola has a quick mind and a quick wit.
quick adj (person: learner)vivaz, sagaz adj
 He is a quick student.
quick adj (agile)ágil adj
 ligeiro adj
 The criminal was always quick when it came to climbing fences.
quick adj (hasty)apressado adj
 Don't be so quick to make this important decision.
quick adj (finance: liquid) finançasativo adj
 Quick assets are almost as useful as cash.
quick n (living persons) ser vivovivo sm
 He will come again to judge the quick and the dead.
quick n (sensitive flesh) carne vivasabugo sm
 Her fingernail ripped, exposing the quick underneath.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
have a quick dip dar uma mergulhada
in quick succession em rápida sucessão
make it quick fazer isso rapidamente
quick exit saída rápida
quick on the draw rápido no gatilho
quick temper irritável, explosivo
quick thinking sagacidade
 reação rápida
quick wit sagacidade
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