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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
sale n (commercial transaction)venda sf
 The sale proceeded as planned.
 A venda prosseguiu como planejado.
sale n (reduced price offering) preço reduzidoliquidação sf
 The department stores usually have sales in August.
 As lojas de departamentos usualmente fazem liquidações em agosto.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
sale n (item or quantity sold) artigo vendidovenda sf
 How many sculptures did we sell? We had three sales today.
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Formas compostas
bake sale venda de assados
bill of sale n (receipt)recibo sm
 The dealership gave me a bill of sale when I bought a car.
car boot sale, US: garage sale n UK (garage sale held in public place)venda de garagem loc sf
 They sold a lot of their old things in a garage sale.
 There is a car boot sale every week in the town's main car park.
cash sale n ([sth] paid for in cash)venda à vista loc sf
 The store had no record that John bought the knife because it was a cash sale.
clearance sale n (closeout: sale to clear stock) comércio: queima de estoquesliquidação sf
 After the fire the bookstore held a clearance sale, and I got lots of books very cheaply.
 The clearance sale for Christmas items is in January.
distress sale n (forced sale of [sb]'s property)venda forçada loc sf
estate sale n (sale held to dispose of [sb]'s property)liquidação do patrimônio loc sf
 When old Mrs. Hutchinson passed away, her children held an estate sale to sell all the antique furniture she collected.
fire sale n literal (discount sale of fire-damaged goods) liquidação de artigos de uma loja que sofreu um incêndioqueima de estoque loc sf
 The smoke-damaged merchandise was discounted for the fire sale.
fire sale n figurative (financial: low-price selling of assets) figurativo - grandes descontos, grande liquidação queima de estoque loc sf
 The struggling business had a fire sale on old stock items, to generate more cash flow.
for sale à venda
garage sale venda de objetos pessoais, guardados na garagem
 brechó caseiro
goods for sale npl (merchandise)mercadoria sf
jumble sale n UK (rummage sale, sale of unwanted items)mercado de pulgas, brechó
 These old clothes of mine are only fit for a jumble sale.
make a sale v (salesperson: close a deal) vendedorfechar a venda, fazer uma venda loc vt
 A good salesperson can make a sale even after the customer says no.
offer for sale vtr (put on the market)oferecer à venda loc vt
 Please offer for sale my share of the project, I need the money for something else.
sale price preço de venda
 preço de oferta
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