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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
setting n (scene, surroundings) cenacenário sm
 The outdoor amphitheatre was a great setting for the show.
 O anfiteatro externo foi um grande cenário para o show.
setting n (location of a work of fiction) cenário para um trabalho de ficçãoambientação sf
 The setting for the novel was fifteenth century Ireland.
 A ambientação para o romance foi a Irlanda do século XV.
setting n (of a jewel) de jóiaengaste sm
 armação sf
 The diamond almost fell out of my wedding ring when the setting broke.
 O diamante da minha aliança de casamento quase caiu quando o engaste quebrou.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
setting n (level, position) nívelposição sf
 The setting on the thermostat was too cold, so she changed it.
setting n (music)acompanhamento musical loc sm
 Gounod's setting of Ave Maria is superb.
setting n (table setting) de mesaarranjo sm
 The settings for the meal included two forks, a knife and a spoon.
setting n (arrangement of controls)ajuste sm
 colocação sf
 The setting for the controls in this car is really well designed.
setting n usu. plural (configuration)configuração sf
 He changed the settings to make the copier print in colour.
setting v pres p (set) gerúndio de arrumar e pôrarrumando, pondo vt ger
 She was setting the table when the guests arrived.
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