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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
shock n (emotional) emocionalchoque sm
 The shock of her father's death really hurt her.
 O choque com a morte de seu pai realmente a afligiu.
shock vtr (emotional: upset) emocionalchocar vt
 The news of her father's death shocked her.
 A notícia da morte do pai dela chocou-a.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
shock n (of explosion) explosãoimpacto sm
 The detonation of the charge caused a shock that could be felt miles away.
shock n (of earthquake) terremotoabalo sm
 The shock could be felt over many kilometres.
shock n (of bomb) de bombaimpacto sm
 The shock of the bomb broke windows throughout the town.
shock n (medical condition)choque sm
 The patient is in shock from blood loss.
shock vi (cause scandal) causar escândalochocar v int
 The news of corruption will shock mightily.
shock vtr (scandalize)escandalizar vt
 chocar vt
 When the senator took off his trousers, he shocked the entire legislature.
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Formas compostas
absorb the shock v literal (soften a physical impact)absorver o choque loc vt
 Egg boxes absorb the shock of shipping so the eggs don't crack.
 The pile of pillows would absorb the shock from the fall.
absorb the shock v figurative (take in bad news) más notíciasabsorver o choque loc vt
 The telephone fell from her hand as she tried to absorb the shock of her father's death.
 I gave him a moment to absorb the shock from the bad news.
absorb the shock v figurative (lessen a financial burden) financeiroabsorver o choque loc vt
 My pension fund took a beating in the stock market crash, but at least I had bank certificates to absorb the shock.
come as a shock v (be sudden and unexpected news) notícia repentina e inesperadapegar desprevenido
 coloquialpegar de calças curtas
 Since you are always late to work, it should not come as a shock that you would get fired.
culture shock n (anxiety in an unfamiliar culture)choque cultural loc sm
 Moving from Chicago to a rural Mexican village was a real culture shock.
electric shock n (electric current entering the body) passagem de uma corrente elétrica através do corpochoque elétrico loc sm
insulin shock therapy n (psychiatric treatment producing seizure)terapia por choque insulínico
shock absorber amortecedor
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