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Plural form: statuses

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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
status n (condition) condiçãoestado sm
 The agent described the status of the house as "in need of modernisation".
 O agente descreveu o estado da casa como "precisando de modernização".
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
status n (social standing) prestígio socialstatus sm
 The success of his book greatly increased his status, and he is invited to lots of parties.
status n (high social standing) prestígiostatus sm
 The Minister is a man of status.
status n (legal standing) condição legalstatus sm
 We are not sure of the status of our claim.
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Formas compostas
amateur status n (doing [sth] non-professionally)status de amador loc sm
citizenship status n (nationality) nacionalidadestatus de cidadania loc sm
current status n (present situation)situação atual loc sf
 My current status is "retired", but maybe I'll go back to work next year.
delivery status n (progress of a transported package)estado da entrega loc sm
 I looked online to see the delivery status of my package.
derivative status n (being [sb]'s legal dependant)situação de dependência loc sf
lower in status adj (less important or prestigious) posição social inferiorde status inferior loc adj
 Some universities are lower in status than others.
lower in status vtr (make less prestigious) diminuir prestígiobaixar o status loc vt
lower status n (inferior social position) posição social inferiorstatus inferior loc sm
marital status estado civil
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