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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
truck n (vehicle: personal, work)caminhão sm
truck n (vehicle: tractor trailer)caminhão sm
truck vtr (move by truck)transportar em caminhão loc vt
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Formas compostas
catering truck n (lorry carrying meals)caminhão de entrega de comida loc sm
delivery truck n (lorry, truck that delivers goods)caminhão de entrega
 The shipment of books arrived on a delivery truck this afternoon.
double truck ad n (advertisement over two pages)anúncio de página dupla loc sm
fire truck n US (fire engine)carro de bombeiro loc sm
 Most fire trucks are painted red.
forklift truck n (vehicle for lifting heavy loads)empilhadeira sf
freight truck n (cargo lorry, carrier)caminhão de carga loc sm
garbage truck n US (lorry that collects refuse)caminhão de lixo loc sm
 They put their trash out by the street so that the garbage track can take it to the landfill.
hand truck n (2-wheeled trolley)carrinho de mão loc sm
 A hand truck, or sack truck, is used to move heavy bags and boxes without lifting them.
truck farmer horticultor que vende direto ao público
truck farming horticultura para venda direta ao público
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