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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
what pron (questions: tell me) perguntaque pron
 What do you want to eat?
 O que queres comer?
what adj (which) de que tipo, de que naturezaque, qual pron
 What car did you drive to work?
what pron (that which is)que pron
 What was most surprising was that he jumped from the window.
 O que foi mais surpreendente foi que ele pulou da janela.
what interj (repeat what you said) repita o que disseo quê? interj
 What? I can't hear you.
 O quê? Não te escutei.
what interj (surprise) designa espanto, surpresaO quê! interj
 What! You didn't really do that?
 O quê? Você não fez isso!
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
what adv (to what extent?)que pron
 What do you care?
what adv (to what degree?) em que grauque adv
 What will you suffer for that useless person you love so much?
what adv (introduces prep. phrase)com
 What with the storms and flight delays, he arrived home after midnight.
what pron (health)que pron
 What hurts? Is it your kidney?
what pron (character) what... Likecomo conj
 What is he like? Can he be trusted?
what pron (identity)que pron
 What is that?
what pron (occupation)que pron
 What do you do for a living in the winter?
what pron (worth)qual pron
 What is its value?
what pron (importance)que pron
 What does it matter?
what pron (motive)que pron
 What are you trying to accomplish?
what pron (object: that which)que pron
 He did what I told him to do.
what pron (subject: questions)qual pron
 What is your name?
what pron (how much?)qual pron
 What is the price?
what pron UK (Don't you agree?) concorda?não é?
 She's an absolutely lovely girl, what?!
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Formas compostas
according to what he says adv informal (as stated or reported by him)de acordo com o que ele diz loc adv
 According to what he says, his name is John Smith.
and God knows what n informal (and [sth] unknown)sabe lá Deus o quê expres
 I sent him out to do the shopping and he came back with a new TV and God knows what.
and what have you adv informal (and the like, and similar) e similarese mais sei-lá-o-quê loc adv
and what not adv informal (and the like, and similar)e similares loc adv
Be careful what you wish for expr ([sth] desirable may have a downside)cuidado com o que deseja expr
come what may adv (whatever happens)seja o que for loc adv
 I'll remain happy come what may.
do what is needed vi (take the necessary action)fazer o que é preciso
 I know you don't want to put her in a home, but you have got to do what is needed.
do what there is to do vi (take the necessary action)fazer o que é preciso fazer
do what you can vi (do everything possible)fazer o que puder
do what you like faça o que você quiser
do with what you've got vi (cope with available resources)virar-se com o que tem
for what it's worth adv informal (in my opinion)em minha opinião loc adv
 I know you won't change, but for what it's worth, I think that skirt looks awful on you.
for what reason adv (why) porque por que razão loc adv
 For what reason are you two hours late arriving home?
get what you deserve receber o que merece
have what it takes vi expr (be able or qualified for [sth]) ser capaz, ter habilidadeter o que precisa loc v int
 Do you have what it takes to become a soldier?
just what the doctor ordered exatamente o que precisava
know not what v literary (do not know what) literárionão saber o que loc vt
 I knew not what his intentions toward me were.
mean what you say fazer o que diz
 dar o exemplo
no matter what não importa o que
see what can be done ver o que pode ser feito
so what e daí
so what else is new quais são as novidades?
 sarcásticoque novidade!
so what? e daí?
what a life! isso é que é vida!
what do I care? e eu com isso?
what does it matter? que importa?
what have you outras coisas mais
 e ademais
what lies ahead? o que vem agora?
what the hell? que diabo?
what's happening? o que está acontecendo?
 saudação coloquialtudo bem?
what's-his-name como é mesmo o nome?
 expressão usada para referir-se a um nome que esquecemos
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