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Timpul trecut lit, lighted
Participiu trecut lit, lighted

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Traduceri principale
light n (illumination)lumină s.f.
 Could we have some light in the room? It's too dark.
 Putem să facem lumină în cameră? E prea întuneric.
light n (lamp) surse de iluminatlumină s.f.
 lampă s.f.
 bec s.n.
 We have three lights in this room.
 Avem trei lumini în această cameră.
 Avem trei lămpi în această cameră.
 Avem trei becuri în această cameră.
light n (traffic light) traficculoare s.f.
 lumină s.f.
 The traffic stopped when the light turned red.
 Circulaţia s-a oprit când culoarea semaforului s-a schimbat în roşu.
 Circulaţia s-a oprit când lumina semaforului s-a schimbat în roşu.
light n figurative (viewpoint) figuratlumină s.f.
 He always saw things in a negative light.
 Mereu a văzut lucrurile într-o lumină negativă.
light adj (weight) greutateuşor adj.
 Give me the heavy bag, and you can carry the light one.
 Dă-mi mie geanta cea grea, şi car-o tu pe cea uşoară.
light adj (faint)estompat adj.
 You could only see a light line of the mountains.
 Se putea vedea doar linia estompată a munţilor.
light adj (easy)uşor adj.
 Take a little light exercise - nothing too strenuous.
 Fă un exerciţiu fizic uşor, ceva care să nu fie extenuant.
light adj (colour: pale) despre culorideschis adj.
 Have you seen my light blue shirt?
 Mi-ai văzut cămaşa albastru-deschis?
light, light up vi (become bright)a se lumina vb.reflex.
 Give it a moment and the room will light up.
 Aşteaptă o clipă şi camera se va lumina.
light vtr (ignite)a da foc loc.vb.
 a aprinde vb.tranz.
 I will light the petrol to set off the fire.
 O să dau foc la gaz ca să aprind focul.
 * Îşi aprindea ţigara de la bricheta.
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light sth:

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WordReference English-Romanian Dictionary © 2014:

Traduceri principale
lite adj informal (light: low-fat, low-sugar, etc.)degresat adj.
 cu conținut redus de grăsimi loc.adj.
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Forme compuse:
light | light sth | lite |
beam of light n (narrow ray of light)rază de lumină s.f.
 The room was totally dark except for a small beam of light shining through a small hole in the roof.
black light n (ultraviolet lamp)traducere nedisponibilă
 Did you know that bodily fluids and scorpions are visible under a black light?
blinding light n (intensely bright light)lumină orbitoare s.f.
 When lightening strikes, there is a blinding light and an instantaneous loud crack.
blinking light n (light that flashes on and off)lumină intermitentă s.f.
 The blinking lights on the ambulance were very bright.
bright light n (intense or harsh light)lumină intensă s.f.
 I had to cover my eyes because of the bright light.
bring to light vtr (reveal, make known)a face cunoscut loc.vb.
 We should bring his outrageous actions to light.
Bud Light n trademark (low-alcohol beer) bere slab alcoolizatăBud Light s.f.
come to light v (be revealed)a ieşi la lumină loc.vb.
 Every day more information about the scandal comes to light.
dazzling light n (very bright light)lumină orbitoare s.f.
 If you are in New York don't miss the dazzling lights of Broadway.
dim light n (low or soft light)lumină difuză s.f.
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
fog light n (vehicle's headlight for foggy conditions)far de ceaţă s.n.
 I use my fog lights so rarely that I can never remember where the switch is.
green light la semaforverde
green light permisiune s.f.
grow light vi (day: arrive, dawn)traducere nedisponibilă
 It grows light around 6 am at this time of year.
grow light vi figurative (become less of a burden)traducere nedisponibilă
guiding light n figurative ([sb] who inspires or leads)lumină călăuzitoare s.f.
 Nelson Mandela was a guiding light for South Africa, during a very difficult time in the country's history.
in light of prep (considering, in view of)din perspectiva loc.adv.
 In light of the weather forecast, maybe we'd better postpone the picnic.
in the light of prep figurative (in view of, given)date fiind circumstanțele loc.adv.
 In the light of recent developments it would be appropriate to review the arrangements.
in the light of prep literal (illuminated by)prin prisma loc.adv.
incandescent light n (type of electric light )lumină incandescentă s.f.
leading light personalitateexemplu pentru ceilalţi s.n.
light blue n (pale blue colour)albastru deschis s.n.
 The sky is usually light blue during the day.
light brown n (pale brown colour)maro deschis s.n.
 The police described the attacker as tall with short light brown hair.
 The old leather bag had faded to light brown.
light green n (pale green colour)verde deschis s.n.
light hearted, light-hearted adj (humorous, not serious)fără griji adj.
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Her new book takes a light-hearted look at family life.
light switch n (lever or knob for controlling a light)întrerupător s.n.
 I entered the darkened room and reached for the light switch.
light up vtr literal (illuminate)a lumina vb.tranz.
 The dim lamp hardly lights up the room.
light up vtr figurative (brighten)a lumina vb.tranz.
 I love you -- you light up my life.
night light n (soft room light left on at night)lumină de veghe s.f.
 My daughter is afraid of the dark so she sleeps with a night light in her bedroom.
pilot light n (light indicating gas supply)indicator de benzină s.n.
 The gas central heating wouldn't come on because the pilot light was out.
ray of light rază de lumină s.f.
rear light n (vehicle's tail or back light)far din spate s.n.
 I broke a rear light on my car when I was backing up and ran into a tree.
red light la semaforroşu s.n.
see [sth] in a new light a vedea într-o lumină nouă loc.vb.
 a vedea cu alţi ochi loc.vb.
see the light a vedea lumina
see the light of day a vedea lumina zilei
shining light lumină strălucitoare s.f.
throw light on a arunca lumină asupra
traffic light semafor s.n.
turn on the light v (switch the light on)a aprinde lumina loc.vb.
 I always turn on the light when I walk into the room.
very light adj (highly illuminated)foarte luminos adj.
 The room was very light; I was dazzled as I walked in.
very light adj (extremely lightweight)foarte uşor adj.
 A feather is very light object.
yellow light n US (amber traffic signal) la semaforgalben s.n.
 A yellow light indicates caution.
 When you see a yellow light ahead you should begin to apply the brakes.
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