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Traduceri principale
practical adj (uses)practic adj.
practical adj (solution)practic adj.
practical adj (person)practic adj.
 pragmatic adj.
 realist adj.
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Forme compuse:
for all practical purposes adv (effectively, in effect)practic adv.
 The company has ceased trading and there is no prospect of a buyer, so for all practical purposes my shares are now worthless.
for practical purposes adv (effectively)din motive practice adv.
 He isn't a licensed mechanic, but his work is good for all practical purposes.
practical ability n (manual skill, competence)îndemânare s.f.
 aptitudine s.f.
 Students can greatly improve practical abilities when given on-site training.
 In the classroom she was no big deal, but she had a lot of practical ability.
practical consequence n (application, actual relevance)consecinţe practice
 Her theory's interesting, but I'm not sure it has any practical consequence.
practical joke farsă s.f.
practical joker n ([sb] who plays pranks, trickster)festă, farsă s.f.
 Some practical joker had filled my shoes with drawing pins.
 Some people think practical jokers are funny, but I don't.
practical knowledge n (information that can be applied)cunoştinţe practice
 I have some practical knowledge of physics but couldn't begin to explain quantum theory.
 Those fishermen have a lot of practical knowledge when it comes to fixing their boats.
practical skill n (dexterity, expertise in practice)abilitate practică s.f.
 There are two parts to the test: theoretical knowledge and practical skill.
 He's brilliant at theory but has no practical skill at all.
practical test n (exam that measures skill or competence)test practic s.n.
 She passed her theory test but failed the practical test.
purely practical reasons npl (pragmatic considerations)motive pur pragmatice
 She decided not to go for purely practical reasons.
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