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Traduceri principale
thick adj (deep)gros adj.
 You could see that it was good quality because the glass was thick.
 Se vedea că era de calitate, pentru că geamul era gros.
thick adj (dense)des adj.
 She was beautiful with her long, thick hair.
 Era frumoasă, avea părul lung şi des.
Traduceri suplimentare
thick adj (broad from side to side)gros adj.
 The trunk of a redwood is extremely thick at the base.
 Sequoia are trunchiul foarte gros la bază.
thick adj (liquid: not watery)gros, dens adj.
 The milkshake was too thick to use a straw.
 * Laptele bătut era prea gros (dens) ca să poată fi băut cu paiul.
thick adj (air: sultry)înăbușitor adj.
 The thick air of the South in summertime can be oppressive.
 Aerul înăbușitor al Sudului pe timp de vară e greu de suportat.
thick adj (full of)plin de adj.
 The woods were thick with bushes.
 Pădurea era plină de tufișuri.
thick adj (fog, darkness: impenetrable)gros, dens adj.
 The thick fog caused many traffic accidents.
 Ceața groasă (densă) a provocat multe accidente rutiere.
thick adj (pronounced)puternic adj.
 pronunțat adj.
 The foreigner had a thick accent.
 Străinul avea un accent puternic.
 Străinul avea un accent pronunțat.
thick adj colloquial (stupid)greu de cap loc.adj.
 The translator was too thick to figure out the instructions.
 Traducătorul era prea greu de cap ca să priceapă instrucțiunile.
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Forme compuse:
a bit thick adj colloquial (slightly too thick)puţin cam gros adj.
 The gravy seems a bit thick; I can stand a spoon in it!
 He's a bit thick though the waist.
a bit thick adj (not very intelligent)cam greu de cap adj.
 He's a bit thick, but really nice all the same.
lay it on thick vtr (compliment effusively)a face o mulţime de complimente expr.
 He keeps telling me how fabulous I look; he's really laying it on thick and I am getting embarrassed.
lay it on thick vtr (exaggerate in order to mislead)a exagera vb.intranz.
 At the interview he laid it on thick how much past experience he had, which made me suspicious.
thick head n (stupid person)cap-sec s.m.
 He's such a thickhead – I had to explain it seven times!
thick head n (inability to accept new ideas)obtuzitate s.f.
 caracter refractar s.n.
 I wish you could get it through your thick head that times have changed!
thick of things miezul problemei s.n.
thick skinned, thick-skinned adj (insensitive to criticism)cu obrazul gros adj.
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 He has to be thick skinned to put up with all the criticism he gets.
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