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Traduceri principale
turn vtr (right or left) direcţiea o lua la loc.vb.
 direcţiea face la loc.vb.
 At the end of the block, turn left.
 La capătul străzii, ia-o la stânga.
 La capătul străzii, fă la stânga.
turn vi (to rotate)a întoarce vb.tranz.
 a se întoarce vb.reflex.
 The man's head turned around.
 * Omul a întors capul să privească în urmă.
 * S-a întors încet şi s-a uitat la mine.
turn vtr (revolve)a se învârti vb.reflex.
 Vinyl records turn on a turntable.
 Discurile de vinil se învârt pe o placă rotativă.
turn n (change of direction)întoarcere s.f.
 viraj s.n.
 The car made a turn to the right.
 Maşina a făcut o întoarcere la dreapta.
 Maşina a făcut un viraj la dreapta.
turn n (games) jocurirând s.n.
 It is your turn, so roll the dice.
 Este rândul tău, aşa că aruncă zarul.
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Forme compuse:
at every turn adv (constantly, repeatedly)la fiecare pas adv.
bad turn in the weather n (change to unpleasant weather)schimbare nefavorabilă a vremii s.f.
 The meteorologists are predicting a bad turn in the weather this weekend.
hairpin turn viraj brusc s.n.
 colţ ascuţit s.n.
in turn adv (one at a time, in rotation)pe rând adv.
 He looked at all the horses in turn until he found one he wanted to ride.
in turn adv (by turns, alternately)pe rând adv.
 The two of us drank from the bottle in turn until it was empty.
nowhere to turn nicăieri unde să se întoarcă
sharp turn n (abrupt curve in a road)curbă bruscă s.f.
 The house is located just past the sharp turn in the road.
take a turn v (have one's chance, have a go)a-şi încerca norocul loc.vb.
 The teacher said the kids had to wait if they wanted to take a turn on the rides.
turn a blind eye v figurative (pretend not to see [sth])a închide ochii loc.vb.
 a se face că nu vede loc.vb.
 I knew exactly what she was up to but decided to turn a blind eye.
turn a blind eye on, turn a blind eye to vtr figurative (pretend not to see)a închide ochii loc.vb.
 a se face că nu vede loc.vb.
 The corrupt inspector agreed to turn a blind eye to the safety violations.
turn a corner v literal (turn 90 degrees into next road)a da colţul loc.vb.
turn a corner v figurative (enter a new phase)a da pagina loc.vb.
 a începe o nouă etapă loc.vb.
 Scientists believe they have turned a corner in their search for a cure for cancer.
turn a deaf ear v figurative (pretend not to hear)a se face că nu aude loc.vb.
 He needs to believe in himself and turn a deaf ear to his critics.
 He needs to believe in himself and turn a deaf ear to his critics.
turn against vtr (become hostile to)a se întoarce împotriva loc.vb.
 The dog inexplicably turned against his owner and had to be put down.
turn around a se întoarce vb.reflex.
turn aside vi (avert one's gaze)a se uita în altă parte loc.vb.
 She turned aside when their eyes met.
turn aside vtr (avoid involvement in)a se uita în altă parte loc.vb.
turn aside vtr (deflect from original path)a se abate de la vb.reflex.
turn aside from vtr (avert one's gaze from)a-și lua privirea de la loc.vb.
turn aside from vtr (avoid involvement in)a se sustrage de la vb.reflex.
turn away vi (avert one's gaze)a se întoarce cu spatele loc.vb.
 She turned away from the ugly reality of her life.
turn away vi (avoid involvement)a se fofila vb.reflex.
 He turns away from dealing with beggars.
turn away vtr (cause to move away from)a întoarce vb.tranz.
 It was hard to turn the cattle away from the broken fence.
turn away vi (move away from)a pleca de lângă loc.vb.
 I turn away from the town and set my eyes on new horizons.
turn away from a se întoarce cu spatele la loc.vb.
turn back vi (retrace one's steps)a se întoarce înapoi loc.vb.
 The mountain climber was exhausted, but he refused to turn back.
turn back the clock a da timpul înapoi loc.vb.
 a se întoarce în trecut
turn down vtr (decline, refuse)a refuza vb.tranz.
 The bank turned down my application for a loan.
turn down vtr (blankets on bed: fold back)a aranja păturile cu margine loc.vb.
 The hotel had turned down the sheets and blanket and left a chocolate on the pillow.
turn from vtr (reject)a refuza vb.tranz.
turn from vtr (change from )a schimba vb.tranz.
turn in vtr (inform on to the police)a pârî vb.tranz.
 She knew her brother had committed a crime, but she refused to turn him in.
turn in vi informal (go to bed)a se duce la culcare loc.vb.
 It's getting very late, I'm going to turn in.
turn into vtr (become)a se transforma în vb.reflex.
 a deveni vb.tranz.
 A caterpillar will eventually turn into a butterfly.
turn into vtr (enter by turning 90 degrees)a deveni vb.tranz.
 At the end of the road, turn into the driveway.
turn left vi (go round a left-hand corner)a o lua la stânga loc.vb.
turn loose vtr (release, set free)a elibera vb.tranz.
 a da drumul loc.vb.
 The dogs were making such a noise that I turned them loose in the paddock.
turn of phrase formulare s.f.
turn of the century n (point when one century becomes another)graniţa dintre secole s.f.
 At the turn of the century Queen Victoria was still on the throne.
turn off vtr (switch off, extinguish)a stinge vb.tranz.
 Before I go to sleep I turn off the T.V.
turn off vtr (exit; a road)a vira vb.intranz.
 We turned off the main road and drove into the country.
turn on vtr (switch on)a aprinde vb.tranz.
turn on vtr (become hostile to)a se întoarce împotriva loc.vb.
 We were getting along well and then suddenly he turned on me.
turn on vtr slang (excite sexually)a se excita vb.reflex.
 He turned me on and I just couldn't resist.
turn on the light v (switch the light on)a aprinde lumina loc.vb.
 I always turn on the light when I walk into the room.
turn out vi (attend)a participa vb.intranz.
 Not many people turned out to vote on election day.
turn out vi (conclude)a se dovedi că loc.vb.
 The forecast is good, but it is too soon to say how it will turn out.
turn out right a ieşi bine loc.vb.
turn over vi (roll or flip over)a se rostogoli vb.reflex.
 If you can't sleep turn over onto your other side and try again.
turn over vtr (roll or flip over)a rostogoli vb.tranz.
turn pale vi (go white: from shock, etc.)a păli vb.intranz.
 The bad news from home made her turn pale.
turn red a se înroşi vb.reflex.
turn right vi (go round a right-hand corner)a o lua la dreapta loc.vb.
 When you reach the traffic lights turn right onto Buck Street.
turn round vi (move to face other direction)a se întoarce 180 de grade loc.vb.
 The teacher told the rude pupil to turn round with his face to the wall.
 Turn around and go back.
turn round vi (spin, rotate, revolve)a se roti vb.reflex.
turn sour vi literal (milk, etc.: go bad) laptea se prinde vb.reflex.
 If you leave milk out in a warm place it will turn sour.
turn sour vi figurative (situation: become acrimonious) situaţiea se degrada vb.reflex.
 Their relationship quickly turned sour.
turn tail a-şi lua picioarele la spinare loc.vb.
turn the corner v figurative (get past an obstacle)a depăși un obstacol loc.vb.
 He's in a serious condition but we're hoping he'll turn the corner by morning.
turn the other cheek a întoarce şi celălalt obraz
turn the tables v figurative (take revenge)a se răzbuna vb.reflex.
turn the tables on vtr figurative (take revenge on)a se răzbuna pe vb.reflex.
 The US turned the tables on Japan with atomic weapons at the end of World War II.
turn the tables on vtr (reverse relative positions of)a se întoarce roata loc.vb.
turn the tide a schimba cursul evenimentelor
turn to vtr (seek help from)a apela la vb.intranz.
 I'm in such a bad situation that I don't know who to turn to.
 Don't turn to him for help, he can't be trusted.
turn to stone vtr (petrify, make into stone)a împietri vb.tranz.
 The witch waved her wand and the fox turned to stone.
turn up vi (arrive, be present)a sosi vb.intranz.
 a se prezenta vb.reflex.
 I didn't expect him to turn up at my party as he wasn't invited.
 No telling when he'd turn up, he was never on time.
turn up vi (be found)a da de vb.intranz.
 Don't worry about your glasses: they'll turn up.
 I often lose my keys but they usually turn up somewhere in the kitchen.
turn up vtr (increase output, volume)a da mai tare loc.vb.
 a mări vb.tranz.
 We turned the TV up to drown the noise of our neighbours arguing.
turn up at [sb]'s home a veni la cineva pe neanunţate
turn upside down vtr literal (invert)a întoarce cu susul în jos loc.vb.
 I turned the Jell-O mold upside down to get the Jell-O out.
turn upside down vtr figurative (change dramatically)a întoarce cu susul în jos loc.vb.
 The terrible news caused his world to turn upside down.
turn upside down vtr (disarray by searching)a întoarce cu susul în jos loc.vb.
 The house was turned upside down as the burglars searched for valuable items.
turn white vi (go pale: from shock, etc.)a deveni pal loc.vb.
 The bad news about her brother being in hospital made her turn white.
turn your back on cu dativula întoarce spatele loc.vb.
turn-about, turnabout n literal (u-turn, 180-degree turn)a face viraj în u loc.vb.
turn-about, turnabout n figurative (reversal of opinion)răzgândire s.f.
u-turn n literal (about-turn, 180-degree turn)viraj în u s.n.
 We came to a dead end and had to make a u-turn.
u-turn n figurative (reversal of opinion)răzgândire s.f.
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