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broad adj figurative (general) 比喻广泛的,广博的,普遍的 adj
 He had a broad interest in all sports, not just football.
broad adj (wide)宽阔的,宽广的,辽阔的 adj
 She lives on a broad, tree-lined street.
broad adj (ample, spacious)宽的,宽敞的 adj
 The boulevard is broad, with four lanes of traffic in each direction.
broad adj (complete, open)敞亮的,光天化日的 adj
 The robbery occurred in broad daylight.
broad adj (interpretation)广泛的,广义的 adj
 The judge applied the broad meaning of the law.
broad adj (open)开阔的 adj
 The broad vista of the fields and mountains was impressive.
broad adj (strong)膀阔腰圆的,壮实的 adj
 He was tall and broad and could easily lift a heavy man. He was broad and stout, and could lift a man in each arm.
broad n slang, dated (woman) 俚语,过时用语女人 n
 I used to like big blond broads with long legs.
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WordReference English-Chinese Dictionary © 2014:

broad bean n (legume: fava bean)蚕豆 n
cán dòu
broad daylight n (full view of anyone around)光天化日 n
 The bank was robbed at high noon, in broad daylight.
broad grin n (big smile)露齿而笑 n
lù chǐ ér xiào
 A broad grin split Timmy's face when his dog came back.
broad jump n (sport: long jump)跳远 n
broad minded, broad-minded adj (tolerant, liberal)思想开明的 adj
sī xiǎng kāi míng de
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun 短语用于名词前作形容词时需用连字符连接
 Although generally conservative in outlook, she was very broad-minded on women's issues.
broad reach n (great scope)大范围 n
broad reach n (wide-ranging effect or influence)广泛的影响 n
 They successfully used the internet to give them a broad reach to a whole new class of voters.
broad spectrum n figurative (wide variety) 比喻广泛的范围,各种各样 n
 Their opinions covered a broad spectrum.
broad-based, broad based adj (comprehensive, representative)广泛的 adj
guǎng fàn de
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun 短语用于名词前时须用连字符连接
broad-shouldered, broad shouldered adj literal (having wide, strong shoulders) 本义宽肩膀的 adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun 短语用于名词前时须用连字符连接
 James is so broad shouldered because he lifts weights daily.
broad-shouldered, broad shouldered adj figurative (hardy, able to deal with hardship) 比喻能挑重担的,吃苦耐劳的 adj
 She's broad shouldered, always overcoming all hardships.
broad-shouldered, broad shouldered adj figurative (able to help with other people's burdens) 比喻能够帮助他人承担重担的 adj
in broad daylight 光天化日之下,大白天的
guāng tiān huà rì zhī xià, dà bái tiān de
in broad terms 广义上讲,广义地
guǎng yì shàng jiǎng, guǎng yì de
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