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cry vi (weep)啜泣,啼哭 vi
chuò qì , tí kū
 She cried about the death of her father.
cry n (scream)叫喊声,尖叫声 n
jiào hǎn shēng , jiān jiào shēng
 You could hear her cries for help as her attacker hit her.
cry n (shout)呼喊,喊叫 n
 You could hear the children's cries as they played.
cry n (weeping)哭,哭泣 n
 I had a good cry at the end of that movie.
cry n (demand)要求,恳求 n
 The cries of the voters for tax relief will influence the politicians.
cry n (animal sound) 动物嚎叫,吼叫,啼叫 n
 The cry of the loon is a frightening sound.
cry vi (shout)呼喊,喊叫 vi
 He cried across the room to get the child's attention quickly.
cry vi (scream)尖叫 vi
 The prisoner cried in agony as he was tortured.
cry vi (animal sound) 指动物嚎叫,吼叫,啼叫 vi
 When disturbed, the animal will cry mournfully to frighten the predators.
cry vtr (weep: tears)流(泪) vtr
 The tears that she cried flowed down her face.
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a far cry from adj (very different from)与…大不相同
 Life in Canada is a far cry from her homeland of Haiti.
battle cry (战斗中的)喊杀声
( zhàn dòu zhōng de ) hǎn shā shēng
zuò zhàn kǒu hào
break down and cry 崩溃而哭
bēng kuì ér kū
cry about 为…哭泣,为…难过或惋惜
wèi … kū qì , wèi … nán guò huò wǎn xī
cry aloud v (call out, shout)大声喊叫,大喊大叫,高声呼叫 v
cry for 叫喊,呼叫
jiào hǎn, hū jiào
cry out 大声说出,叫喊出
dà shēng shuō chū, jiào hǎn chū
cry out for vtr literal (call aloud for) 本义大声呼喊 vtr
 When the child was scared she would cry out for her mother.
cry out for vtr figurative (be in desperate need of) 比喻迫切需要,急需 vtr
cry wolf v figurative (tell lies, mislead others) 比喻谎报,误导他人 v
 When the boy cried "wolf" for the third time everybody thought it was another false alarm and nobody came to his aid.
cry wolf v figurative (warn of non-existent danger) 比喻发假警报,狼来了 v
 Some people believe if we cry wolf on climate change, no one will take environmental sustainability seriously ever again.
far cry n informal, figurative ([sth] very unlike [sth] else) 非正式用语,比喻迥然不同,天壤之别,大相径庭 n
 My new job proved to be a far cry from what I'd expected.
 That's a far cry from a real soccer ball!
ready to cry adj (close to tears)快要哭了的,就要哭了的 adj
 John seemed about ready to cry after Linda called him ugly.
 Her lower lip would always tremble whenever she was ready to cry.
war cry n literal ([sth] shouted in battle to rally soldiers) 本义作战时的呐喊,喊杀声 n
 Hungarian warriors used to shout the war cry "Huj, Huj, Hajrá!".
war cry n figurative (slogan used to rally support) 比喻战斗口号 n
 'No new taxes' became their war cry prior to the election.
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