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divide vtr (separate)分,分开,分割 vtr
fēn, fēn kāi, fēn gē
 分隔,使隔开,是…的分界线 vtr
fēn gé, shǐ gé kāi, shì … de fēn jiè xiàn
 使分开,使分离 vtr
shǐ fēn kāi, shǐ fēn lí
divide vi (mathematics) 数学除,除尽 vi
chú, chú jìn
divide n (difference)分歧,不同,差异 n
fēn qí, bù tóng , chā yì
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continental divide n (primary watershed of a continent)大陆分水岭 n
 Every continent except for Antarctica has a continental divide.
Continental Divide n US (series of ridges dividing rivers flowing east and west) 美国洛矶山脉分水岭 n
 The Continental Divide stretches from Alaska to Mexico.
divide in two vi (split into halves, cut in half)切成两半,分成两半 vi
 I only have one but we'll divide it in two and share it.
divide into 分成…
fēn chéng …
divide into groups 分成小组
fēn chéng xiǎo zǔ
divide out vtr (distribute fairly, share out)分配 vtr
fēn pèi
 They were lost and the first priority was survival, so they divided out their food and water among themselves equally.
divide up vtr (apportion)分配 vtr
fēn pèi
 The thieves divided up the proceeds of the robbery before fleeing the country.
divide up vtr (split into sections)划分,分割 vtr
 In order to better learn this material, we are going to divide up in groups of three and practice.
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