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hop vi (jump) 单脚跳 vi
dān jiǎo tiào
 鸟等齐足跳跃 vi
qí zú tiào yuè
hop vi (jump repeatedly)(不断地)蹦跳 vi
( bú duàn de ) bèng tiào
hop n (jump) 单脚跳 n
dān jiǎo tiào
 鸟等齐足跳跃 vi
qí zú tiào yuè
hop n (in airplane) 坐飞机短程飞行 n
duǎn chéng fēi xíng
hop n old-fashioned (dance party)舞会 n
wǔ huì
hop n (sports: rebound) 如篮板球弹跳,反弹 n
tán tiào, fǎn tán
hop vi (in airplane)(坐飞机)作短程旅行 vi
( zuò fēi jī ) zuò duǎn chéng lǚ xíng
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bunny hop n literal (rabbit's hopping movement) 本义兔子跳 n
bunny hop vi figurative (hop like a rabbit) 比喻像兔子那样跳 vi
bunny hop n figurative (motorcycle jump) 比喻,摩托车等的运动技术兔子跳,连跳 n
bunny hop n US dated (a popular dance of the 1950s) 美国用法,过时兔子舞 n
 The Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop are often still performed at wedding receptions.
hip hop, hip-hop n (rap or urban music)嘻哈音乐 n
 I prefer hip hop over rock.
hip hop, hip-hop adj (in a style associated with hip hop musicians)嘻哈音乐的 adj
 His hip hop wardrobe turned me on.
hop in vi informal (get inside a vehicle) 非正式用语跳上车 vi
 We're going to the beach. If you want to come, just hop in.
hop into vtr informal (enter casually or spontaneously) 非正式用语没有提供翻译 vtr
hop into vtr informal (clothes: put on quickly) 非正式用语快速套上(衣服) vtr
hop off vi informal (get out of a vehicle) 非正式用语跳下(车) vi
 Bus driver to young boy - " here we are, this is your stop, hop off now".
hop off vtr (get off [sth])没有提供翻译 vtr
hop on vtr (jump onto)跳上,跳到…上 vtr
 When I go into the town centre I usually hop on a bus rather than take the car.
 Hop on my back, I will carry you to school.
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