动词变化: "to light"

一般过去时: lit, lighted
过去分词: lit, lighted

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light n (illumination)光,光亮,亮光,光明 n
 Could we have some light in the room? It's too dark.
light n (lamp)灯,灯具,灯泡,灯盏 n
 We have three lights in this room.
light n (traffic light)红绿灯,交通灯 n
 The traffic stopped when the light turned red.
light n figurative (viewpoint) 比喻观点,立场,态度,视角,方面 n
 He always saw things in a negative light.
light adj (weight)轻的,轻巧的,轻省的 adj
 Give me the heavy bag, and you can carry the light one.
light adj (faint)微弱的,微茫的,不明显的,淡淡的 adj
 You could only see a light line of the mountains.
light adj (easy)简单的,轻松的,简易的,不费力的 adj
 Take a little light exercise - nothing too strenuous.
light adj (colour: pale) 色彩、色调轻的,浅的,淡的 adj
 Have you seen my light blue shirt?
light, light up vi (become bright)亮起来,变亮 vi
Note: 常作 light up
 Give it a moment and the room will light up.
light vtr (ignite)点燃,点着,燃着,点火 vtr
 I will light the petrol to set off the fire.
light adj (person) 瘦的,轻的 adj
 For a light woman, she is very strong!
light adj (low alcoholic content) 度数低的,酒精含量低的 adj
 Some people prefer light beer to very alcoholic beverages.
light adj (easy to digest)易消化的,清淡的 adj
 While her husband ordered a steak, she ordered something lighter.
light adj (clothing) 衣服轻薄的,轻巧的,轻便的 adj
 You can wear a light jacket. It isn't too cold outside.
light adj (low volume)少量的 adj
 There was only light trading in the commodities markets due to the holiday.
light adj (low pressure)(接触时)用力小的,轻柔的 adj
 The masseur had a very light touch.
light adj (entertaining, not profound) 谈话等轻松的,随意的,不那么严肃的 adj
 We just engaged in light conversation, nothing serious.
light adj (trivial)消遣性的,娱乐性的 adj
 I prefer light entertainment, rather than serious theatre.
light adj (soil: sandy) 土壤沙质的,疏松的,含沙多的 adj
 Carrots are best grown in a light soil, rather than heavy clay.
light adj (delicate) 舞步等轻快的,轻盈的 adj
 The dancer executed some light and dainty steps.
light adj (carefree)轻松愉快的,无忧无虑的 adj
 The girls liked him for his light attitude towards life.
light adj (of low weight capacity)轻型的,轻载的,载重量低的 adj
 He has a licence to fly light aircraft.
light adj (wind) 微弱的,轻微的 adj
 It will be mainly sunny, with a light breeze.
light n (light bulb)灯泡 n
 The light has burned out in the kitchen. Can you replace it?
light n (daylight)白天,日光 n
 You had better go to the shop while there is still light.
light n (street lamp)路灯,街灯 n
 They installed lights on the street to make it safer to walk at night.
light n (car: headlight)(车辆的)前灯,顶灯,车灯 n
 When it got dark, he turned the car's lights on.
light n (lighthouse)灯塔 n
 The sailors were most relieved when they saw the light in the distance.
light n (flame)(蜡烛等的)光亮,光线 n
 He could see her face in the light of the candle.
light n figurative (for insight) 比喻信息,启发性的事实 n
 Can you shed any light on his thought processes for us?
light n (luminary)名人,杰出人物 n
 She is a leading light in the art world.
light n (gleam)眼里隐约闪现的微光,忽闪而过的一个眼神 n
 She saw the light in his eyes and knew he had a good idea.
light n (art: effect) 绘画亮部,亮色 n
 Look at the light on the woman's face in this painting.
light n (small window)小的窗户,采光口 n
 Don't open the big window, just the corner light.
light n (cigarettes, smoking)打火机,火柴 n
 Hey, do you have a light?
light vi (take fire)燃烧起来 vi
 He threw on a match and the bonfire lighted.
light, light up vi (light material for smoking)点燃(香烟) vi
 Some people left the room when she pulled out a cigarette and lit up.
light, light up vi (brighten with joy)(因为喜悦等而)焕发光彩,容光焕发 vi
 He face lit up when she heard that her father was returning.
light vtr (turn on)点亮 vtr
 The mayor flipped the switch to light the Christmas tree.
light vtr (illuminate)照亮 vtr
 He finally found the lamp to light the room.
light vtr (make bright)使…明亮 vtr
 Let's light up this room with some candles and flowers.
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light sth:

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lite adj informal (light: low-fat, low-sugar, etc.) 非正式用语低脂肪的,低糖的 adj
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light | light sth | lite |
beam of light n (narrow ray of light)光束,(一)束光 n
 The room was totally dark except for a small beam of light shining through a small hole in the roof.
black light n (ultraviolet lamp) 紫外线或红外线灯黑光灯 n
 Did you know that bodily fluids and scorpions are visible under a black light?
blinding light n (intensely bright light)刺眼的强光 n
 When lightening strikes, there is a blinding light and an instantaneous loud crack.
blinking light n (light that flashes on and off)忽明忽灭的光,闪烁的光 n
 The blinking lights on the ambulance were very bright.
bright light n (intense or harsh light)强光 n
qiáng guāng
 I had to cover my eyes because of the bright light.
bring to light vtr (reveal, make known)揭露,揭发 vtr
 We should bring his outrageous actions to light.
Bud Light n trademark (low-alcohol beer) 商标[啤酒品牌名] n
come to light v (be revealed)显露,显现 v
 Every day more information about the scandal comes to light.
dazzling light n (very bright light)耀眼的光 n
yào yǎn de guāng
 If you are in New York don't miss the dazzling lights of Broadway.
dim light n (low or soft light)微光,弱光 n
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
fog light n (vehicle's headlight for foggy conditions)雾灯,雾天灯 n
 I use my fog lights so rarely that I can never remember where the switch is.
green light 交通绿灯
lǜ dēng
green light 比喻开绿灯,允许…
kāi lǜ dēng, yǔn xǔ …
grow light vi (day: arrive, dawn)天亮 vi
 It grows light around 6 am at this time of year.
grow light vi figurative (become less of a burden) 比喻变轻 vi
biàn qīng
guiding light n figurative ([sb] who inspires or leads) 比喻指路人,指路明灯 n
 Nelson Mandela was a guiding light for South Africa, during a very difficult time in the country's history.
in light of prep (considering, in view of)考虑到,鉴于 prep
 In light of the weather forecast, maybe we'd better postpone the picnic.
in the light of prep figurative (in view of, given) 比喻鉴于,考虑到 prep
 In the light of recent developments it would be appropriate to review the arrangements.
in the light of prep literal (illuminated by) 本义在…的灯光下 prep
incandescent light n (type of electric light )白炽灯光 n
leading light 某领域的重要人物
mǒu lǐng yù de zhòng yào rén wù
light blue n (pale blue colour)浅蓝色,淡蓝色 n
 The sky is usually light blue during the day.
light brown n (pale brown colour)浅棕色,淡棕色 n
 The police described the attacker as tall with short light brown hair.
 The old leather bag had faded to light brown.
light green n (pale green colour)浅绿色,淡绿色 n
light hearted, light-hearted adj (humorous, not serious)无忧无虑的,心情愉快的 adj
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun 短语用于名词前作形容词时需用连字符连接
 Her new book takes a light-hearted look at family life.
light switch n (lever or knob for controlling a light)电灯开关 n
 I entered the darkened room and reached for the light switch.
light up vtr literal (illuminate) 本义照亮 vtr
zhào liàng
 The dim lamp hardly lights up the room.
light up vtr figurative (brighten) 比喻使明亮,使开颜 vtr
 I love you -- you light up my life.
night light n (soft room light left on at night)夜灯,夜间照明灯 n
 My daughter is afraid of the dark so she sleeps with a night light in her bedroom.
pilot light n (light indicating gas supply)(煤气炉中的)长明火,引火的小火苗 n
 The gas central heating wouldn't come on because the pilot light was out.
ray of light 一缕光线
yì lǚ guāng xiàn
rear light n (vehicle's tail or back light) 车辆尾灯 n
wěi dēng
 I broke a rear light on my car when I was backing up and ran into a tree.
red light 交通信号灯红灯
hóng dēng
see [sth] in a new light 从新角度来看待某事
cóng xīn jiǎo dù lái kàn dài mǒu shì
see the light 明白,理解
míng bái, lǐ jiě
see the light of day 开始存在,问世
kāi shǐ cún zài, wèn shì
shining light 明亮的光线
míng liàng de guāng xiàn
throw light on 阐明,使别人了解
chǎn míng, shǐ bié rén liǎo jiě
traffic light 交通信号灯,红绿灯
jiāo tōng xìn hào dēng, hóng lǜ dēng
turn on the light v (switch the light on)开灯,打开灯 v
 I always turn on the light when I walk into the room.
very light adj (highly illuminated)非常亮的,很亮的 adj
 The room was very light; I was dazzled as I walked in.
very light adj (extremely lightweight)非常轻的,很轻的 adj
 A feather is very light object.
yellow light n US (amber traffic signal) 美国用法黄色交通信号灯 n
 A yellow light indicates caution.
 When you see a yellow light ahead you should begin to apply the brakes.
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