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一般过去时: read
过去分词: read

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read vtr (text)看,读,阅读,浏览 vtr
kàn , dú , yuè dú , liú lǎn
 I read the newspaper every day.
read vtr (measure: indicate) 量度,测量仪显示,标识,读数为 vtr
xiǎn shì, biāo shí , dú shù wéi
 The thermometer reads 22 degrees.
read vtr (interpret)理解,领会 vtr
lǐ jiě , lǐng huì
 I read the article as critical of the government. What do you think?
read n colloquial (experience of reading) 口语阅读体验 n
 This mystery story is a good read - full of excitement.
read vi (read written matter)看书,阅读,看一些书面的东西 vi
 She reads every night before going to sleep.
read vi (be able to read)阅读 vi
 My grandmother can't read.
read vi (know a language)阅读(某种语言的文字) vi
 I can speak and understand spoken French, but I can't read.
read vi (read aloud)诵读,朗读 vi
 The teacher read aloud, and the children listened.
read vi (have a given wording)读,发音 vi
 Listen closely to the wording, and note how it reads.
read vi (learn of by reading)通过阅读来学习(了解) vi
 As far as philosophy is concerned, I prefer to read rather than attend classes.
read vtr (speak text aloud)朗读,朗诵,读出,念出 vtr
 She read the joke to us.
read vtr (be able to understand)阅读,看得懂 vtr
 He can read Russian.
read vtr (understand by observing)观察 vtr
 She read the skies for signs of a storm.
read vtr (infer)读出(某种隐含的意思),(从文字中)推断出 vtr
 I'm not sure I read the same meaning from his comments that you do.
read vtr (to study)攻读,学习,主修 vtr
 My son is reading Classics at Cambridge University.
read vtr (rebuke) 固定短语:read the riot act to训斥,斥责 vtr
 His boss read the riot act to him.
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WordReference English-Chinese Dictionary © 2014:

read about vtr (read on the topic of)读到 vtr
 I read about your accident in the newspaper.
read again vtr (re-read)重新再读,再读一次 vtr
read between the lines 领会言外之意
lǐng huì yán wài zhī yì
read easily vtr (find clearly legible)(因字迹清楚而)很容易看清…,易读 vtr
read easily vtr (understand without effort)很容易读懂…,易读 vtr
 That book is simple, intended for children to read easily.
read on vi (continue to read)继续读 vi
read out vtr (recite aloud)大声朗诵,大声读出 vtr
 She read the letter out to me over the phone.
read out vtr ([sb]: chastise )没有提供翻译 vtr
read over vtr (review, look through)重读,再读 vtr
 Please read over my report and tell me if you notice any glaring errors.
 Read the instructions over and make sure you understand what you have to do.
read tea leaves v (predict future from used tea leaves)(用茶叶)预测未来 v
 Your formula for picking a winning horse is no better than reading tea leaves.
read through vtr (review or rehearse)通读,仔细阅读 vtr
 It is wise to read through any document before signing it.
 The cast read through the entire script from start to finish.
read up vi (study, research)攻读,研读,钻研 vi
 We will read up on the history of Holland before visiting Amsterdam.
widely read 博览群书
bó lǎn qún shū
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