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serve, serve [sb] vtr (help, work for)为…服务,为…工作 vtr
wèi … fú wù, wèi … gōng zuò
 The manager says that his first priority is to serve his customers.

serve, serve [sth] to [sb] vtr (distribute food to) 食物、饮料等提供,端上,摆出 vtr
tí gōng , duān shàng , bǎi chū
 She served hot dogs to the children for lunch.

serve, serve [sb] [sth] vtr (distribute food to) 食物、饮料等给…提供,为…端上,为…摆出 vtr
gěi … tí gōng , wèi … duān shàng , wèi … bǎi chū
 She served the children their food.

serve, serve as vi (act as)作为,担任(职务) vi
zuò wéi , dān rèn ( zhí wù )
 He served as the secretary for this meeting and took notes.

serve, serve as vi (function: as)当作,作为 vtr
dàng zuò , zuò wéi
 The office also serves as a guest bedroom.

serve vi (tennis, etc.: play first) 乒乓球、网球等发球 vi
fā qiú
 Who serves next? I think I do.
 下一个谁发球? 我想该我了吧。
serve n (tennis, etc.: first stroke) 乒乓球、网球等发球 n
fā qiú
 His serve was so fast that the opponent couldn't return it.

serve vi (work, fulfil duties)服务,服役 vi
 He served loyally for many years.
serve vi (do military service)服兵役,服役 vi
 The sergeant has served for ten years.
serve, serve as vi (spend time: in a duty)履行职责,担任职务 vi
 I served as a medic for ten years.
serve vi (work as a waiter)当服务生,当招待 vi
 He has been serving at that restaurant for two years.
serve vi (attend a mass) 弥撒时候担任助祭 vi
 The altar boy has to serve on Sunday.
serve, serve [sb] vtr (fulfil the needs of)满足某种需要,实现某种需要 vtr
 Yes, this particular screwdriver will serve me fine.
serve, serve [sth] vtr (treat, deal with)对付,处理 vtr
 I need to serve these issues first before I can do that.
serve, serve [sb] vtr (be a servant to)做…的仆人,服侍 vtr
 Alfred served Bruce Wayne loyally.
serve vtr (spend time: in prison)服(刑) vtr
 He is serving a 10-year sentence for the crime.
serve, serve [sb] vtr (attend to: a customer)招待,接待(客人) vtr
 The salesperson served a customer.
serve vtr (conduct: a mass) 在弥撒中主持(弥撒) vtr
 The priest serves a mass on Saturday night.
serve, serve [sth] to [sb], serve [sb] [sth] vtr (law: hand over) 法律送达(传票等) vtr
 The policeman served a summons to the witness.
serve, serve [sth] to [sb], serve [sb] [sth] vtr (law: hand over a document to) 法律送达(传票等)给 vtr
 The policeman served the witness his summons.
serve vtr (supply)提供,供给 vtr
 Our company serves them with office supplies.
serve vtr (tennis, etc.: play first) 网球发球 vtr
 She served the first set.
serve vtr (animals: copulate with) 动物、牲畜等与…配种 vtr
 The bull serves all the cows on the farm.
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serve out vtr (dish up, distribute: food)把食物盛放到大家的盘子里 vtr
 The lunch ladies in the cafeteria serve out the day's meal of meatballs.
serve the purpose v (be suitable for a task)对于目标有用,契合目的,达到目的 v
 If you don't have a shovel to dig with, a sharp stick just might serve the purpose.
serve time 坐牢,服刑
zuò láo, fú xíng
soft serve ice cream n (frozen dessert with soft consistency)软冰淇淋 n
 For dessert we had soft serve ice cream in a cone.
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