动词变化: "to spin"

一般过去时: spun
过去分词: spun

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spin vi (rotate)旋转,转动 vi
 The flywheel spins when the power is turned on.
spin vtr (rotate)使旋转,使转动 vtr
 Spin the wheel as fast as you can.
spin n (swoon)眩晕,晕头转向 n
 My head is in a spin whenever I see him!
spin n informal (short drive) 非正式用语乘车兜风 n
 Let's get into the car and go for a spin in the countryside.
spin vi (suffer vertigo)晕眩,头晕 vi
 This roller coaster makes my head spin.
spin vi (fibres)纺纱,纺线 vi
 The textile worker knew how to spin quickly.
spin vi (a web) 蜘蛛结网 vi
 The spider spins skilfully.
spin vtr (fibres)把…纺成纱线 vtr
 Weavers spin fibres into thread, and then make cloth.
spin vtr (a web)结(网) vtr
 The spider spins a web to catch insects.
spin vtr informal (tell a story) 非正式用语编造(故事),编撰(故事) vtr
 He spins some strange stories for his children.
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WordReference English-Chinese Dictionary © 2014:

make your head spin v figurative (cause you to feel dizzy) 比喻使你晕眩,让你发晕 v
 You're coming up with new ideas so fast it's making my head spin!
 The flurry of events leading up to the wedding made the bride's head spin.
spin around vi (turn quickly)快速旋转 vi
 The animal spun around and lunged at me again.
spin around vi (rotate)旋转 vi
xuán zhuǎn
 Why do I get dizzy when I spin around?
spin out vtr informal (prolong) 非正式用语延长…,拖延… vtr
 The children tried to spin out their supper in an effort to stay up longer.
spin out vtr (vehicle: to skid, rotate, out of control) 车辆打转,失控打滑 vtr
 Attempting to turn at high speed while on ice will cause a car to spin out.
spin-off n (offshoot from [sth] larger)没有提供翻译 n
spin-off adj (originating with [sth] larger)派生的 adj
pài shēng de
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