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study vtr (attempt to learn)学习,学 vtr
 I want to study law.
study vtr (analyse)研究,分析,钻研 vtr
 The scientist is going to study the results.
study vi (work to learn)学习,用功,攻读 vi
 If you want high marks, you must study.
study n (room)书房 n
shū fáng
 Father is having tea in the study.
study n (written account)研究报告,调查报告,论文,研究成果 n
 Our department presented a study at the conference.
study n (act of studying)学习,攻读 n
 The visitors interrupted the student's study.
study n (investigation)调查,学术研究 n
 Dr. Morton will aid the scientists in their study.
study n (music: composition)练习曲 n
 The next piece is a study for piano in A-minor.
study n (branch of learning)研究 n
 Botany is the study of plants.
study n (deep thought)细察,深思 n
 Charles was lost in his study of a leaf.
study n (art: exercise, guide) 绘画习作,试作 n
 Da Vinci drew lots studies of body parts.
study n US (quick learner) 美国用法学得快的人 n
 The boy is a quick study.
study vtr (scrutinise)仔细查看,细究 vtr
 The committee will study the panel's findings.
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study | study sth |
case study n (detailed individual example)个案研究 ,案例分析 n
 To assist you in understanding the translation process, I have prepared a case study of a book translation.
course of study n (academic course)课程 n
kè chéng
 I chose Classics as my course of study.
foreign-language study n (learning of other languages)外语学习 n
 That university is well known for the diversity of programmes they offer in foreign-language study.
language study n (learning of foreign languages)语言学习 n
 I have a degree in mathematics, but my true love is language study.
major field of study 专业,主修科目
zhuān yè, zhǔ xiū kē mù
nature study n (learning about nature through direct experience)粗浅的自然研究 n
 (小学的)自然课 n
 We enjoy bird watching and other kinds of nature study.
pilot study n (trial done for research)试点研究 n
 The drug has not yet been approved, but the results of the pilot study were very positive.
preliminary study n (initial report or investigation)初步研究,初步调研,初探 n
 A preliminary study suggests a link between passive smoking and lung cancer, but further studies are needed to prove this conclusively.
preparatory study n (initial report or investigation)预备性研究,初步调研 n
research study n (investigation, information-gathering)调查研究 n
diào chá yán jiū
 Recent research study has revealed that discrimination is still common in many workplaces.
study abroad vi (take academic course in foreign country)留学 vi
 After high school, she intended to study abroad.
study for vtr (learn or revise for: an exam)为准备(考试等)而努力学习 vtr
 Make sure you study well for your upcoming exams.
study to be vtr (become educated to qualify as)为成为…而学习 vtr
 He spent 3 years abroad, presumably studying to be an architect.
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