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Principal Translations
abarcar vtr (comprender, cubrir, incluir)cover, include vtr
 distance, timespan vtr
 formalencompass vtr
 El alcance del proyecto abarca la formulación e implementación de políticas de seguridad vial.
 The project's scope includes the development of traffic safety policies.
abarcar vtr (alcanzar con la mirada)see tr
 sighttake in vtr
 La propiedad de mi familia se extiende hasta donde abarca la vista.
 My family's property extends as far as the eye can see.
Additional Translations
abarcar vtr (tarea, responsabilidad)take on vtr
 formalattempt vtr
 Las tareas y actividades que un político debe abarcar son a veces complicadas.
 The tasks and activities that a politician must take on are often complex.
 I wouldn't even attempt to translate such a difficult article.
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