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Principal Translations
aferrarse vpron (insistir tenazmente)cling to vi + prep
 informalhang onto vi + prep
 Fernando se aferró a la idea de estudiar en España y lo logró.
 Fernando clung to the idea of study in Spain, and achieved it.
aferrarse vpron (acogerse a algo)retreat into, take refuge in v expr
 Se aferró a sus creencias para superar la muerte de su marido.
 She retreated into (or: took refuge in) her beliefs in order to overcome the death of her husband.
Additional Translations
aferrarse vpron (asirse) hold ontograsp, grip vtr
 keep hold of v expr
 Aférrate al volante y concéntrate cuando conduzcas.
 Grasp (or: Grip) the steering wheel and concentrate as you drive.
aferrar vtr (asir) lay hold ofseize, grasp, grab vtr
 take hold of v expr
 slanglatch onto vi + prep
 Aferró el madero y le asestó un golpe en la nuca.
 She seized the chunk of wood and dealt him a blow on the back of his neck.
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