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Principal Translations
aliviar vtr (mitigar sensaciones o dolor) painalleviate, relieve, ease vtr
 La morfina le alivia el dolor.
 Morphine alleviates her pain.
aliviar, aliviarse vtr, v pron (quitar peso anímico) emotionsrelieve vtr
 to [sb]bring relief vtr + n
 Me alivia mucho saber que puedo confiar en ti.
 I'm relieved to know that I can trust you.
Additional Translations
aliviar vtr (aligerar) load: make lighterlighten vtr
 lessen the weight of, reduce the load of v expr
 [sb] of [sth], steal possessionsrelieve, rob vtr
 Alivió su carga dejando casi toda su ropa en el camino.
 He lightened his load by abandoning almost all his clothes along the way.
 * The thieves relieved (or: robbed) him of a brand new camera.
aliviar, aliviarse vtr, v pron (descargar, vaciar intestinos)empty vtr
 Medicine: intestine, etc.vacate vtr
 Los laxantes ayudan a aliviar el vientre.
 Laxatives help to empty the bowel.
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