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Principal Translations
asociar vtr (juntar para un fin)combine, merge vtr
 Decidimos asociar las dos cuentas para pagar una sola factura.
 We decided to combine (or: merge) the two accounts so as to pay a single invoice.
asociar vtr (relacionar) figurative: find, show connectiontie, link vtr
 El conocido periodista asoció al ex mandatario con una firma investigada por la Procuraduría.
 The well-known journalist tied (or:: linked) the ex-president to a company investigated by the Attorney General's office.
asociarse vpron (unirse para un fin)join together, combine vi
 Negociamos la fusión de las dos compañías y nos asociamos hace dos meses.
 We negotiated the merger of the two companies, and we joined together (or: combined) two months ago.
Additional Translations
asociar vtr (personas para un fin)put [sb] together, team [sb] up vtr + adv
 El Director prefirió asociarnos a Felipe y a mí para que nos encargáramos de ese cliente.
 The Director preferred to put us together (or: team us up) with Felipe so that we could take responsibility for this client.
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Compound Forms:
asociarse | asociar |
asociarse a associate with
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