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Principal Translations
ceder vtr (transferir, dar)give up vtr phrasal sep
 relinquish, cede vtr
 transfer, assign vtr
 hand over vtr phrasal sep
 Cede tu asiento en el autobús a ancianos o mujeres embarazadas.
 On the bus, give your seat up to old people or pregnant women.
ceder vi (consentir, transigir)give in vtr phrasal insep
 yield vtr
 No pierdas tu tiempo, no lograrás que ella ceda a tus súplicas.
 Stop wasting your time -- you won't make her give in to your pleas.
Additional Translations
ceder vi (disminuir, aminorar) fevergo down vi phrasal insep
 drop vi
 ease vi
 ease up vi phrasal insep
 El bebé estaba ardiendo y la fiebre no cedía.
 The baby was burning up -- the fever wasn't going down.
ceder vi (caerse, romperse)give way vi phrasal insep
 collapse vi
 El techo de la cabaña cedió bajo el peso de la nieve.
 The cabin roof gave way beneath the weight of the snow.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
ceder al deseo yield to desire, give in to desire
ceder ante la necesidad give in to the need, surrender to the need
ceder el asiento give up the seat
ceder el mando cede command
ceder el turno give up the turn, pass
ceder en algo give up on something, concede
ceder la palabra give the floor to, turn the floor over to
ceder los derechos sign over the rights
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