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Principal Translations
cobrar vtr (salario, dinero) payment, salary, feecollect vtr
 pay, payment, salaryearn vtr
 check, chequecash vtr
 En España se cobra el sueldo mensualmente.
 In Spain, you collect your wages monthly.
cobrar vi España, coloquial (recibir golpes)pay vi
 informalget it, get what's coming to you v expr
 Como no os portéis bien vais a cobrar.
 If you don't behave yourselves you're going to pay.
cobrar vtr (matar cazando) informalbag vtr
 shoot vtr
 Ayer fuimos a cazar perdices y cobramos tres piezas.
 * I bagged three pheasant and a duck on this morning's shoot.
cobrar vtr (tomar, adquirir)take on vtr phrasal insep
 develop vtr
 El agua cobró un color marrón cuando removimos el fondo.
 The water took on a brown colour when we stirred up the bottom.
cobrarse vpron (causar víctimas)claim vtr
 La explosión se cobró tres víctimas.
 The explosion claimed three victims.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
cobrar auge reach a height
cobrar fuerza gather strength, gain strength
cobrar importancia gather importance, gain importance
cobrar impulso gain momentum
cobrar la entrada charge an entry fee
 charge a cover
cobrar relevancia gain relevance
cobrar sentido make sense
cobrar un favor UScash in a favor, call in a favor
 UKcall in a favour
cobrar vida killtake a life, cost someone's life vt
 come to life, come alive vi
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