Inflexiones de 'concurrente' (n): mpl: concurrentes
Inflexiones de 'concurrente' (adj): pl: concurrentes

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Principal Translations
concurrente adj inv m/f (que va a un sitio) person, personsattending, visiting, seeing adj
 at a placepresent adj
 Se realizó un sorteo entre el público concurrente al museo.
 They held a raffle among the visitors attending the museum.
concurrente adj inv m/f (que afectan algo)combined adj
 formalcontributory, concurrent, coincident adj
 Debido a las circunstancias concurrentes se pospuso el acto.
 Owing to the combined circumstances, the action was postponed.
Additional Translations
concurrente adj inv m/f (que se junta, une)joining, coming together, flowing together adj
 formalconfluent, convergent, converging adj
 El caudal aumenta considerablemente gracias a todos los ríos concurrentes.
 The flow is considerably increased thanks to all of the rivers joining.
concurrente nmfperson attending, person present n
concurrente nmf inv (asistente, presente) place, occasionattendee, visitor n
 performanceattendee, spectator, audience member n
 Entrevistaron a los concurrentes al acto.
 They interviewed the attendees at the ceremony.
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