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Principal Translations
contar vtr (narrar)tell vtr
 narrate vtr
 Su padre les contaba un cuento antes de dormir.
 Their dad used to tell them stories before they went to sleep.
contar vtr (relatar)tell, relate vtr
 El testigo contó a la policía los hechos.
 The witness related the facts to the police.
contar vi (enumerar)count vtr
 El niño aprendió a contar hasta diez.
 The child learnt to count to 10.
contar vi (computar)count vi
 Los resultados de esta prueba no cuentan para el campeonato del mundo.
 The results from this race don't count towards the world championships.
contar vi (tener)have vtr
 La casa cuenta con dos dormitorios y un baño.
 The house has two bedrooms and a bathroom.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
contar | contar (con) |
contar con loc verb be confident ofcount on, rely on v
 have, come with, include vi
 formalboast vi
contar con alguien count on someone, rely on someone
contar con la ayuda de count on the help of
contar con la colaboración de alguien count on someone's collaboration, count on someone's contribution
contar con la participación de count on the participation of
contar con la presencia de count on the presence of
contar con tantos años de experiencia have so many years of experience
contar historias tell stories
contar un chiste tell a joke
contar una película describe a movie
esperar contar con hope to have
 expect to count on someone
mucho que contar a lot to tell, a lot to say
puedes contar conmigo you can count on me
 count me in
qué te voy a contar what can I tell you?
 what can I say?
sin contar con not counting with
tener el privilegio de contar con have the privilege to have
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