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Compound Forms:
bajo control under control
control administrativo administrative control
control de asistencia roll call
control de calidad quality control
control de embarazo prenatal care
control de gastos expense control, cost control
control de identidad identity check
control de incidencias contingency planning
control de plagas pest control
control emocional emotional control
control fiscal fiscal control, fiscal analysis, fiscal supervision
control médico medical examination
control remoto remote control
control sanitario health inspection
control total total control
fuera de control loc adv (incontrolable)out of control adv
fuera de control loc adj (descontrolado)out-of-control adj
Note: califica a un sustantivo
incrementar el control increase control
radio control radio control
sala de control control room
tablero de control control board
tarjeta de control control card
tarjeta de control de inventario inventory control card
torre de control loc nom f (aeropuerto: edificio para el control aéreo)control tower n
 La torre de control da la salida a los aviones.
Tribunal de Control supervisory court
usar algo con control do something carefully
  Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.

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