Inflexiones de 'cursi' (n): mpl: cursis
Inflexiones de 'cursi' (adj): pl: cursis

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Principal Translations
cursi adj (cosa: ridículo, vulgar) that offendstacky, tasteless adj
 corny, cornball, cheesy adj
 Deberías refinar tus gustos, tu poema favorito es muy cursi.
 * He spent the whole evening drinking and telling tasteless jokes.
cursi adj (persona: remilgado)snooty, snobbish adj
 ¡No seas cursi! Deja de darte aires de gran señora, no engañas a nadie.
 Don't be so snooty -- making out you're some great lady isn't fooling anyone.
Additional Translations
cursi adj México (empalagoso, sensiblero)gooey, sickly sweet adj
 ¡Estoy harta de mi novio! Es un hombre muy cursi, derrama miel y llora por todo.
 I'm so sick of my boyfriend! -- he's so sickly sweet, always paying me compliments, and he cries over nothing!
cursi nmf inv (remilgado, pedante)pretentious, affected adj
 pedant n
 Si le regalas el álbum ese con reflexiones y poemas, va a pensar que eres una cursi.
 If you give her that book of poems, she'll think that you are pretentious.
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