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despreciar vtr (no considerar algo)disregard, ignore, pay no attention to v expr
 attach little value todiscount vtr
 offerspurn vtr
 formalpay no heed to v expr
 Despreció el consejo de su amigo y actuó de forma irresponsable.
 He paid no attention to his friend's advice, and acted irresponsibly.
despreciar vtr (menoscabar a alguien)look down on v expr
 informallook down your nose at v expr
 have contemptdespise, scorn vi + prep
 express contemptsneer at, put down v expr
 Desprecia a su vecino y se lo hace saber siempre que puede.
 She looks down on her neighbor, and lets her know it every chance she gets.
despreciarse vtr (asquearse de uno mismo)despise yourself, be disgusted with yourself v expr
 Se despreciaba por actuar así, pero no sabía evitarlo.
 She despised herself (or: was disgusted with herself) for acting that way, but she didn't know how to stop it.
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