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Principal Translations
eliminar vtr (quitar, suprimir)eliminate, get rid of vtr
 remove vtr
 idearule out vtr phrasal sep
 Hay que eliminar de raíz las malas hierbas.
 * What products will eliminate (or: get rid of) mildew?
eliminar vtr, v pron (excluir)drive out, eliminate vtr
 Las compañías de bajo coste eliminaron a la competencia.
 The low-cost companies drove out (or: eliminated) their competitors.
Additional Translations
eliminar vtr (matar: persona, animal) killeliminate, remove vtr
 get rid of, dispose of v expr
 sports: tournament, rankingknock out vtr phrasal sep
 El mafioso eliminó a todos sus rivales.
 The mafioso eliminated (or: removed) his rivals.
eliminar vtr medicina (expeler sutancia) Medicineexpel, eliminate vtr
 Esta medicina hará que elimines las toxinas.
 This medicine will cause you to expel (or: eliminate) toxins.
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