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Inflexiones de 'favor' (n): mpl: favores

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Principal Translations
favor nm (ayuda, servicio, auxilio) USfavor n
 UKfavour n
 Siempre recurro a mi familia cuando necesito un favor.
favor nm (aceptación, simpatía, apoyo) favorable opinionsupport, acceptance n
 Ese candidato cuenta con el favor de los votantes para vencer en la contienda electoral.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
a favor USin favor
 UKin favour
a favor de USin favor of
 UKin favour of
a favor de algo USin favor of something
 UKin favour of something
a favor de alguien USin favor of someone
 UKin favour of someone
a favor de la causa actionssupporting the cause, furthering the cause
a su favor USin your favor, in his favor, in her favor, in their favor
 UKin your favour, in his favour, in her favour, in their favour
cobrar un favor UScash in a favor, call in a favor
 UKcall in a favour
comprar un favor USbuy a favor
 UKbuy a favour
diferencia a favor margin of support
 UKdifference in favour
 USdifference in favor
en favor de UKin favour of
 USin favor of
favor de [+ infinitivo] please [+ infinitive]
favor que usted me hace you are very kind, you flatter me
ganarse el favor de alguien USwin someone's favor, win the favor of someone
 UKwin someone's favour, win the favour of someone
hacer el favor de [+ infinitivo] USdo [someone] the favor of [+ present participle]
 UKdo [someone] the favour of [+ present participle]
 be so kind as to [+ infinitive]
hacer un favor USdo a favor
 UKdo a favour
intereses a favor interest income
jugar a favor USwork in [[sb]'s] favor, be in [[sb]'s] favor
 UKwork in [[sb]'s] favour, be in [[sb]'s] favour
 He is very well known, and that works in his favor (or: is in his favor).
más a mi favor UKmore in my favour
 USmore in my favor
mediar en favor de alguien mediate for someone
por favor fr hecha (fórmula de cortesía)please adv
punto a favor UKpoint in favour
 USpoint in favor
puntos a favor UKpoints in favour
 USpoint in favor
saldo a favor credit balance
 UKbalance in (one's) favour
 USbalance in (one's) favor
un punto a favor USa point in favor
 UKa point in favour
 an advantage, a pro
viento a favor UKfavourable wind
 USfavorable wind
viento a su favor USfavorable wind
 UKfavourable wind
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