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Principal Translations
haber vimp (existir)be vi
 there is
 there are
 Hay una granja en la colina.
 There is a farm on the hill.
 There are three cows.
haber vtr (suceder)be vi
 have vtr
 Hubo un accidente en la autovía.
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Compound Forms:
al [período] de haber [+ infinitivo] a [period] after having [p. participle]
 She got married a year after having graduated from college.
al no haber since there was no
arrepentirse de haber regret having done something
arrepentirse de no haber regret not having done something
de haber sabido if I had known, if it had been known
de no haber sido por if it hadn't been for
de todo lo habido y por haber everything that has been and is still to come
haber cada vez más there is/are more and more
 there is/are progressively more
haber cada vez menos there is/are less and less/fewer and fewer
 there is/are progressively less/fewer
Note: As as general rule, "less" is used with uncountable nouns and "fewer" is used with countable nouns. Note that there are exceptions to this rule.
haber mucho por hacer there is a lot to do
haber prisa be in a rush
 be in a hurry
haber que [+ infinitivo] it is necessary to [+ infinitive]
 [subject] will have to [+ infinitive]
haber veces en que there are times when
te arrepentirás de haber nacido you'll be sorry that you were born
tiene que haber there has to be
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