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Principal Translations
hurtar vtr (robar)steal vtr
 US, informalpinch, lift, swipe
 UK, informalnick
 small itemspilfer, filch
 Hurtaron el monedero a siete de las diez personas que viajaban en el autobús.
 They stole the change purses of seven out of the ten people traveling in the bus.
hurtarse vtr (ocultarse)hide vi
 hide yourself, hide away v expr
 informalhide out
 Se hurtaba de las miradas de la gente.
 He hid from the public gaze.
Additional Translations
hurtar vtr (arrastrar la tierra)erode vtr
 wear away vtr + adv
 El mar sigue hurtando arena a la playa y cada vez está más cerca de las casas.
 The sea is still eroding sand from the beach, and it's getting ever closer to the houses.
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