Inflexiones de 'infantil' (adj): pl: infantiles

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Principal Translations
infantil adj (relativo a la infancia) for a childchildren's adj
 populationchild adj
 characteristicchild-like adj
 Hansel y Gretel es un famoso cuento infantil de los hermanos Grimm.
 Hansel and Gretel is a famous children's tale by the Brothers Grimm.
infantil adj (persona: pueril, inmaduro )infantile, childish adj
 Tienes que madurar, tu actitud infantil no corresponde a tu edad.
 You have to grow up. Your childish attitude does not match your age.
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Compound Forms:
abandono infantil child abandonment
animación infantil childlike enthusiasm
animador infantil children's entertainer
área de juego infantil playground, play area
aumento tasas mortalidad materno infantil increased maternal and child mortality rate
campeonato infantil children's championship
canción infantil children's song
comportamiento infantil children's behavior
cuento infantil children's story
Educación Infantil pre-school education
enseñanza infantil y primaria pre-school and primary school
 pre-school and elementary school
juego infantil children's game
la franja matinal infantil the morning children´s slot
la pobreza tiene un rostro infantil poverty is seen in the faces of children
lencería infantil children's underwear
menú infantil kids' menu, children's menu
mortalidad infantil infant mortality
obesidad infantil childhood obesity n
parálisis infantil infantile paralysis, child paralysis n
pornografía infantil child pornography
sesión infantil children section
taller infantil children's workshop
teatro infantil USchildren's theater
 UKchildren's theatre
trabajo infantil child labor
trastorno infantil childhood disorder
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