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inferir, inferirse vtr, v pron (deducir, conjeturar)infer, deduce vtr
 conclude vtr
 Se infiere que la relación entre las crisis bursátiles y las depresiones económicas es evidente.
 I infer (or: deduce) that the relationship between the stock market crisis and economic depressions is evident.
inferir vtr (ocasionar, provocar) medical: bring aboutinduce vtr
 intentionallyprovoke vtr
 Al inferir el coma, se produjo la muerte del paciente.
 When the coma was induced, the patient died as a result.
inferir vtr (infligir, herir, ofender) [sth] harmful: impose on [sb]inflict vtr
 informal, figurative: distributehand out, deal out vtr phrasal sep
 formal, figurativeoffer, proffer vtr
 En la oficina está prohibido inferir ofensas verbales.
 In the office, it's forbidden to inflict verbal abuse.
inferir nf (pieza de bicicleta)translation unavailable
 En la bicicleta la horquilla va desde la rueda delantera hasta el manillar.
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