Del verbo interesar: (conjugar)
intereses es:
2ª persona singular (tú) presente subjuntivo
2ª persona singular (vos) presente subjuntivo

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Principal Translations
interesar vtr (producir interés)interest vtr
 Le interesa mucho la literatura.
 Literature interests him greatly.
interesar vtr (despertar interés)interest [sb] in [sth], get [sb] interested in [sth] vi
 make [sth] appeal to [sb] vi
 Trato de interesar a mi novia en el deporte.
 I'm trying to interest my girlfriend (or: get my girlfriend interested) in sports.
interesarse v pron (mostrar interés por algo)take an interest in, be interested in vi
 Se interesa mucho por su estado de salud.
 She takes a great interest (or; is very interested) in his state of health.
Additional Translations
interesar vtr medicina (dañar un órgano)involve, concern, affect vtr
 La bala interesó varios órganos, entre ellos el bazo y un pulmón.
 The bullet affected several organs, including the spleen and one lung.
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