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Principal Translations
liberar, liberarse vtr, vprnl (sacar de prisión) incarcerationfree, release vtr
 Liberaron a los presos políticos.
 They freed the political prisoners.
liberar vtr (librar, eximir) obligationfree, release vtr
 Su novio la liberó de su promesa de boda cuando supo que amaba a otro hombre.
 Her fiancé freed her (or: released her) from her engagement when he realized that she loved another man.
Additional Translations
liberarse vprnl No DRAE (no seguir normas tradicionales) controlbreak free, free yourself, liberate yourself v expr
 confinementescape vi
 burdenshake off, get rid of v expr
 En su juventud mi hermana se liberó, pero al casarse se volvió más tradicional.
 In her youth, my sister liberated herself, but when she married, she became more traditional.
liberar vtr (soltar) confinementfree, release vtr
 set free vtr + adj
 Han liberado a las aves una vez curadas.
 They freed (or: released) the birds when they were cured.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
liberar de release from
liberar el suelo free up land
liberar energía release energy
liberar espacio free up space
liberar tensión release tension
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