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Principal Translations
obrar vtr (actuar)behave, act vi
 Quien obra mal, acaba mal.
 He who behaves (or: acts) badly, ends badly.
obrar vi (causar)bring about vtr phrasal sep
 work, create vtr
 Confiar en los empleados obra cambios positivos en el clima laboral.
 Trusting employees brings about positive changes in the work climate.
Additional Translations
obrar vi (estar, ubicarse)be, be found vi
 La documentación obra en poder del abogado.
 The documentation is (or: is found) in the possession of the lawyer.
obrar vi (defecar)move your bowels, pass a stool v expr
 defecate vi
 vulgarcrap vi
 El paciente padece constipación, lleva varios días sin obrar.
 The patient is suffering from constipation, and has not moved his bowels (or: passed a stool) for several days.
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