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Principal Translations
operar vtr (personas, animales) surgeryoperate on vi + prep
 El médico operó al paciente para extirparle el tumor.
 The doctor operated on the patient to remove the tumor.
operar vi (grupos, organizaciones)operate vi
 Las tropas operaban en la zona en misión de paz.
 The troops were operating in the area on a mission of peace.
operarse vpnl (hacerse cirugía) surgerybe operated on vi
 have an operation vi
 Llámame cuando te operes y te iré a visitar al hospital.
 Call me when you are going to be operated on, and I'll come to visit you at the hospital.
Additional Translations
operarse vprnl (dar, suceder)come about, occur vi
 Con el disgusto se operó un profundo cambio en Juan y nunca más volvió a salir con los amigos.
 With this repulsion, there came about (or: occurred) a profound change in Juan, and never again did he go out with his friends.
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