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Principal Translations
plantear vtr (exponer problema, duda) formulate, proposeset out, lay out vtr
 recommendsuggest vtr
 mentionbring up vtr phrasal sep
 El libro de ejercicios plantea muchos problemas matemáticos.
 The exercise book sets out (or; lays out) many mathematical problems.
plantearse vpron (considerar, examinar, reflexionar)consider vtr
 think about vtr + prep
 more formalcontemplate vtr
 Nunca me he planteado cambiar de trabajo.
 I have never considered changing jobs.
Additional Translations
plantear vtr (proponer: idea, estrategia) set out a planoutline vtr
 pose, create vtr
 strategize vtr
 El entrenador planteó cómo se podía derrotar al equipo rival.
 The trainer outlined how the opposing team could be defeated.
plantear vtr (implicar, llevar consigo) question, problempose vtr
 La reparación del motor no plantea ningún problema.
 The repair of the engine doesn't pose any problem.
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