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Compound Forms:
que | qué |
hacer años que no [+ verbo] [subject + negative present perfect] for years
hacer mucho que it was a long time ago that
hacer que [+ subjuntivo] make someone [+ infinitive]
hacer que no [+ subjuntivo] stop someone from [+ present participle]
haga lo que haga whatever he/she/it does
 formalwhatever you do
hasta el punto que up to the point that
hasta que el cuerpo aguante until the body gives up
 as far as the body can stand it
hasta que la muerte los separe vowsuntil death do they part
 until separated by death
hay algo que no cuadra there's something that doesn't add up
hay que ser (muy) [+ adjetivo] para [+ infinitivo] you have to be very [+ adjective] to [+ infinitive]
haz que [+ subjuntivo] make someone/something [+ infinitive]
haz que no [+ subjuntivo] stop someone/something from [+ present participle]
igual que the same as
igual que tú the same as you
imaginar que imagine that
impedir que prevent
implica que imply that
 mean that
importante que important that
incluso mejor que even better than
independientemente de lo que independently of what
 regardless of what
independientemente de que independently of whether
 regardless of whether
inmediatamente que as soon as
 with gerundimmediately after
insinuar que insinuate that
insistir en que insist that
inventar que make up that
 invent that
ir ya para varios años que have been many years since
la causa por la que the reason for
la cosa es que the thing is that
la cuestión que se plantea the issue arises, the question arises
la de que that which
La gota que colma el vaso the last straw, the straw that breaks the camel's back
la gota que rebasó la copa the last straw, the straw that broke the camel's back
la imagen que sale en the image which appears on
la imagen que tiene de the image he has of
la información que se ofrece es the information provided is
la intención es lo que cuenta it's the thought that counts
la ley establece que the law states that
la línea que separa the line between
la madre que lo parió the mother who bore him
la madre que te trajo surpriseHoly cow! excl
 courtesyyou shouldn't have bothered.
la manera en que how, the way in which
la menor idea de que the least idea that
la misma que the same as
la mitad que tú half as large as, half the size of
la mujer que amo the woman I love
la orden por la que commandthe order in which, the order by which
la pena es que it's a pity, it´s a shame
la persona que the person who
la que manda determining factor
la realidad es que in fact
la semana que viene next week
la triste realidad es que the sad reality is that
la vida hay que vivirla Live your life!
las circunstancias son las que son we are where we are
las cosas no son lo que parecen things are not as they seem
las hay que there are some which are
las razones que me llevan a the reasons which bring me to
lástima que sea sad though it be
le digas lo que le digas whatever you say to them, no matter what you say to them
llegar a pensar que come to think that
llegar un momento en que come a time when
llegar un punto en el que loc verb + loc pro (momento crítico donde)reach a point at which vtr
llevar a pensar que lead one to think that
lo cierto es que the fact is that, the truth is that
lo cual significa que which means that
lo fuerte es que the strength of, how strong is
lo importante es que what is important is that
lo más probable es que the most likely thing is that, the odds are that
lo más que pueda as much as possible, as much as I can
lo mejor es que the best thing is that
lo mejor que se pueda the best thing that can
lo mucho que as much as
lo poco que conozco the little I know of
lo que dé de sí la noche whatever happens
 literalwhatever night brings
lo que es necesario which is necessary, that is necessary
lo que está claro es que it is clear, what is clear
lo que está por venir what is to come
lo que faltaba which is missing
lo que hace que which allows, which makes
lo que importa es what is important is
lo que indica que which shows, that indicates
lo que justifica which justifies, that justifies
lo que lo convierte en which converts somebody into
lo que más me gusta what I like the most, what I like the best
lo que me queda de vida what I have left of life, what is left of my life
lo que me temía the thing I feared, what I was afraid of
lo que nos rodea what is surrounding us
lo que nos toca what is touching us
lo que oyes what you hear
lo que parece indicar which seems to indicate
lo que pasa es que what is happening is that
lo que priva es what is trendy is
 what is popular is
lo que queda de mí what remains of me
lo que realmente importa what is really important, the really important thing is
lo que sea whatever
lo que sea necesario whatever is necessary
lo que sea sonará whatever will be will be
lo que significa what it means
lo que son las cosas how things are
lo que tú digas whatever you say
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