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Principal Translations
remitir vtr (enviar por correo )send, mail vtr
 La carta la remite una tal Lola Mento.
 The letter was sent (or: mailed) to you by someone named Lola Mento.
remitir vtr (enviar a un especialista)send, refer vtr
 Al paciente lo remitieron a un especialista en psiquiatría.
 They sent (or: referred) the patient to a psychiatric specialist.
remitirse vtr (referirse a algo) be guidedfollow, adhere to vi + prep
 obeyabide by, comply with vi + prep
 Yo me remito a lo que pone en el libro.
 I follow (or: adhere to) what he says in the book.
Additional Translations
remitir vtr (bajar de intensidad)weaken, diminish, slacken vi
 let up, taper off vi phrasal
 formalsubside, abate
 Parece que remite la tormenta tras paralizar la ciudad.
 The storm appears to be weakening (or: diminishing) after paralyzing the city.
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