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Principal Translations
resbalar vi, v pron (derrapar, patinar)slip, slide vi
 Resbaló al pisar la placa de hielo y se dio un golpe tremendo al caer.
 He slipped (or: slid) when he stepped on the patch of ice, and gave himself a terrific bump when falling.
resbalar vi, v pron (deslizarse, escurrir, caer) liquidrun vi
 slow, thin streamtrickle vi
 Una lágrima resbaló por su mejilla, su dolor se volvió evidente.
 A tear ran down her cheek; her pain became very apparent.
Additional Translations
resbalar vi, v pron México (equivocarse, errar) slangslip up vi phrasal
 make a mistake v expr
 formalerr, blunder vi
 Resbaló al tomar una decisión crucial.
 He slipped up in making a crucial decision.
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