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Del verbo saber: (conjugar)
sepa es:
1ª persona singular (yo) presente subjuntivo
3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) presente subjuntivo
3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) imperativo

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Principal Translations
saber nm (cultura)knowledge n
 wisdom n
 El saber no ocupa lugar.
saber vtr (conocer)know vtr
 El concursante sabía todas las preguntas.
saber vi (tener sabor)taste vi
 have a flavour vi
 La naranja sabe dulce.
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Compound Forms:
¡ve tú a saber! beats me!, Who knows?
a saber namely, for instance, i.e., to wit
aparentar no saber pretend not to know, feign ignorance
área del saber area of knowledge
así es como lo hace saber that's how he spreads the word
 that's how she spreads the word
dejarle saber algo a alguien let someone know something
hacer saber let someone know
 make sure someone knows
 tell someone, inform someone
la curiosidad de saber the need to know
lo que yo quiero saber what I want to know
morirse por saber algo die to know something
nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más (refrán) You learn something new every day expr
 You live and learn expr
rama del saber branch of knowledge
saber a taste of
saber a gloria taste of glory
saber a poco loc verb (resultar insuficiente)be insufficient, be not enough v phrase
 Las vacaciones siempre saben a poco.
saber algo de memoria know something by memory
 know something by heart
 UKknow something off by heart
saber como know how
saber de know about
 hear about
saber de primera mano know first-hand
 hear first-hand
saber de todo un poco know a bit about everything
saber escuchar know how to listen
saber estar know how to be
saber hacer know how to do
saber llegarle a alguien know how to reach someone
saber lo que se cuece loc verb (conocer lo que sucede) informalknow what's cooking vi
 know what is being planned vi
 know what is happening vi
saber perder know how to lose
saber que know that
sin saber without knowing
te lo hago saber I'm letting you know
 I'll let you know
vaya uno a saber who knows?
vaya usted a saber who knows?
ve tú a saber your guess is as good as mine
vete a saber you figure it out
vete tú a saber you figure it out
volver a saber get to know again
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