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Inflexiones de 'total' (n): mpl: totales
Inflexiones de 'total' (adj): pl: totales

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Principal Translations
total nm (resultado )total n
 totalidadwhole n
 Halla el total de la siguiente multiplicación.
 Find the total of the following multiplication problem.
total adj (completo)total adj
 complete adj
 La detonación de una bomba termobárica supondría la destrucción total.
 The detonation of a thermobaric weapon would mean total destruction.
total adv coloquial (resumiendo)in the end, and so, all in all adv
 in short adv
 to sum up v expr
 Total, que al final sólo vamos a la fiesta tú y yo.
 In the end, you and I are going to the party alone.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
comprender un total de add up to, reach a total of
con total libertad with complete freedom, with total freedom
con total tranquilidad with complete calm, calmly
control total total control
costo total total cost
en la total seguridad de que in full confidence that
 certain that, completely sure that
en total in total
indemnización por incapacidad permanente total compensation for total permanent incapacity
precio total total price
silencio total total silence
tiempo total total time
total de ventas total sales
total pasivo total liabilities npl
total patrimonio neto net worth
total recaudado total raised
total reclamado total claimed
total responsabilidad total responsibility
una incongruencia total total contradiction, total incongruity
valor total total cost
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